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  1. I tried it. I'm not crazy about it. I've done "real" BKT's at home and this one made my hair very coated feeling (you can't wash for 48 hours) and it also lightened my hair. I dare say it stripped the toner from my hair. I read somewhere that the high heat of the flat iron would do that but I don't think so, I my iron all the time.
    Oh, and, the fumes made my eyes sting and water like crazy, that's never happened with a real BKT---and my real one's probably not "aldehyde" free. Organix says it's "formaldehyde" free.....something's in there!
    If you want the real thing, at home, I recommend Encanto Brazil. The company has an eBay store and a Facebook page.
  2. Hi has anyone tried Lancaster products? Thanks so much!
  3. Anyone tried Origins VitaZing? preferably someone with skin on the lighter side? i am blonde with blue eyes and my skin is pretty pale (NC20) and i want to see if this gave you an orange cast. it supposedly has a tint to it like a tinted moisturizer, even though it isn't.
  4. Physicians Formula
    Mineral Wear™ Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Primer
  5. BARE MINERALS Pure Transformation Night Treatment : thoughts please!!
  6. Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes mascara?
  7. I bought this and I must say that I love Lancome mascara in general. They have some of the best formulas on the market. This however, is not great. It doesn't define like it should and it flakes really badly after it has set. I like the standard Hynose Drama or Definicils Precious Cells much better.
  8. Has anyone tried the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion system? I am looking for something to remove acne scars.
  9. Hi @glamourgirlnikk - I purchased the NuBrilliance Microdermabrasion system from Amazon and it worked great for about 3 months. I used it probably 2-3x a week and it did fade some dark spots and make my pores look smaller. It started losing suction but is still covered under warranty so I just sent it back. Excellent while it worked...and still cheaper than going to a salon. Based on the other Amazon reviews, maybe this model isn't the best choice.
  10. TNS Essential Serum from Skinmedica
  11. Has anyone compared Cle de Peau foundation and Armani foundation?
  12. I know they have, hopefully someone will post!
  13. im not light skinned at all (NC44) but my mom is (NC20) and it does not give her an orange cast at all. the product is formulated to adjust to your skin tone so you shouldnt have a problem at all. there are small pigmented "bead like" bits in it that may be what your referring to as the tint
  14. Can someone do a review of the Soleil tan de Chanel bronzer? People seem to love the product on MUA but why does it look so orange in the container? Thanks!
  15. Has anyone tried Chi Silk Infusion for straightening hair? particularly if you have curly/kinky hair.

    Also, john freida frizz ease extra strength...same qualifications.