Post your Red Reissue here ladies...

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  1. Hi I have been eying on the red reissue last couple of weeks, who knows when I would be able to purchase one :graucho:, but would love to see some photos, either the bag by itself or modeling pic. I got Jumbo Flap, so is you have Jumbo as well as the reissue, could you lovely ladies took a photo of both bags side by side please :biggrin:
    Thank you so much ...
  2. hey Maria, are you looking specifically for photos of the new 12A red color?
  3. Hi...not really, just any Red Reissue, doesn't have to be the recent year :smile:
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    My 12A red issue in 227 :smile:
    image-2790608313.jpg image-1237016617.jpg
  5. These aren't mine but I had them saved on my phone because I just love looking at them lol. Credit goes to the tpfers who are the owners of these lovely reds. They are from different threads but for the life of me, I can't recall where.
    Mods, hope it's okay.







  6. GORGEOUS red! Congrats!
  7. Is the 227 bigger than Jumbo?
  8. The distressed leather with GHW is totally TDF :smile:
    Thanks for sharing Serrazane :smile:
  9. Wow thats a gorgeous bag! I prefer this to the classic *drools*
  10. Ah... I feel like kicking myself everytime I see that photo of red reissue with GHW. I passed on that bag five times!!!! Three times from the boutique and twice from my usual consignment shop. I like it in the photo and have it save in my personal file, but I just don't know how to put it with my wardrobe IRL so I pass on it. I still like it, but it's too expensive to let it sit on shelve and be admired. :sad:
  11. I'm in a similar thought process. I really, really want a red reissue with GHW... but I'm worried about how I'd wardrobe it as well. I've had red shoes in the past and could barely wardrobe them, so obviously a bag makes me nervous.

    I dream of a day Chanel makes a purple reissue with GHW. That I could wardrobe every day and twice on Saturdays! ;)
  12. My 12A red 226 reissue with RHW. It looks almost orange here without flash, but I have pics where it is a true red like others have pointed out. I may be in the minority, but I think the dark RHW goes quite well with the 12A red. I think GHW with this red would look too garish.

    Looks ORANGE here: outside in car, partly sunny day around 5pm, no flash, taken with iPhone


    True red, closest to actual bag color: Indoors on a sunny day with sunlight streaming in, no flash, taken with camera

  13. The red metallic re-issue with ghw :faint: