Post Your Red/Pink MbyMJ Bags Here!

  1. Bloomie's F&F, $119!!!

    MBMJ, please add some exterior pockets!! :smile:
    IMG_3044_2.jpg IMG_3045_2.JPG
  2. My red beauty Elettra!

  3. My new Hillier in Chianti :cloud9:


  4. my first classic groovee (chianti)

    MbMJ groovee chianti.jpg MbMJ chianti groovee and newsprint baby aidan.jpg
  5. Classic Q Hillier
    Cherry Red
    IMG_5942.jpg IMG_5940.jpg
  6. Totally Turnlock Sia Crossbody in Acai Berry w/silver hardware (the group pic is closer to the actual color) - purchased at Nordstrom Rack for $150

    Classic Q Large Ukita in Chianti w/gold hardware - purchased on eBay for $360

    Classic Q Natasha Crossbody in Berry Haze w/gold hardware - purchased on eBay for $270

    More group shots in general MBMJ bag thread
    SDC13610.JPG SDC13617.JPG SDC13622.JPG SDC13641.JPG
  7. Classic Q Hillier Hobo
    Cherry Red
    Silver Hardware

  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1366024933.274016.jpg
    Classic Q Karlie in Blossom and Neon Canvas Tote in Hot Pink
  9. [​IMG]
    My new PINK Marc Jacobs bag.
  10. Classic Q Francesca in Chianti (loooove this bag)
  11. Hillier in raspberry.
    20140627_125109.jpg 20140627_125429.jpg 20140627_125407.jpg
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1440422375.082780.jpg

    Preppy Nylon East West Tote in Pink!