Post your recent Unique, Seasonal, Rare LV's!

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I've purchased a few interesting pieces this year and last, among them the Sevres Mahina in Magnolia, the Go-14 MM in Wine, the Kimono in Dune & the Kimono in Poppy. I returned the Mahina Babylone in Ivory, and I think I could have avoided the purchase if there were more posts about its usability. Thus, this thread! :biggrin:

    I've got my eye on a couple of other pieces, on my wish list!:P

    I wanted to start a thread to showcase less familiar, even maybe less popular recent LV purchases so those of us, looking to spend a big small fortune on a bag, could reference a singular thread to check out and get feedback on the more elusive items.

    Some ideas of posts, and maybe your thoughts on wearability and use, regarding such collections/materials as:

    Mahina (the revamped 2014+ leather)
    Leather/ Mono combos (Kimono, Dora and seasonal items)
    Petit Malle
    "Rare & Exceptional" items (skins)

    .....and any others you'd like to showcase for us! :graucho:
  2. Here are my purchases, let's see yours! Please post any feedback on wear, utilitarianism, regrets, or pure joy with your purchase!

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  3. Love the Sevres, and your Go-14 is a stunner. I am a huge fan of collecting show pieces or unusual pieces myself.

    My favourite is the Mini Lockit Fusian

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  4. And of course my Go-14 Studs :smile: with chain removed :P

    Because I am a bit short, I took out about 30cm of the chain so that it sits better on me. Love it overall and would definitely buy another one.

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  5. My next one was considered a bit strange by some her on TPF, but I love using it and she always gets compliments... Doc bb :graucho:

    Thanks for letting me share.

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  6. Love Love Love!! I was wondering how that looked IRL! Stunning! :biggrin:
  7. I searched and searched for the GO-14 and all I found on the threads was yours from last year. You are the reason I was prompted to start the thread, because I wanted to check out my new bag! (It's on the way). I debated between the GO-14 and a Chanel. I know *everyone* says go with Chanel, but seems *everyone* has Chanel. Your black baby is TDF!
  8. Wow, I never realize the chain can be removed from Go-14. It's stunning!
  9. This is why I wanted this thread, for the outliers! I think she is beautiful! Reminds me a little bit of the Eden with the single handle on one side? Love the red :cool:
  10. I have to admit that one of the first things I did was grab my pliers and a soft cloth and take the chain off. Makes a gorgeous clutch :smile:

    How are you liking the sevres? I tried it on the other day and loved the way it looked.

  11. I am loving the Sevres. It's one of the bags I feel LV has taken utility into consideration more seriously. I like pockets, and this has 2 large on each outside. And a middle compartment. The Magnolia is not quite the ballet pink it appears in that picture. I can attach a few more. It's definitely different, and there are not many, and so that's why I love it! The black is on my list!

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  12. Just want to say wow this bag is stunning. It is at the very bottom of the page of LV UK and shows up in black which doesn't clearly show the Mahina leather, i dismissed it as a bit boring and not worth looking at but this just made me search it up and look at the colour options. It is stunning, congrats on a great find :smile:
  13. I think your collection is my favorite on TPF.
    When I grow up I wanna be like you Vinbenphon1! ❤️
  14. @TraceySh, @vinbenphon1 Both you ladies have great taste! :smile:
  15. Here is my GO-14 Malletage Contraste PM from the S/S15 Fashion Show...

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