Post Your Recent Beauty Purchases! (2nd thread)

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  1. Le Labo Patchouli 24

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  2. Monda Studio
    Small set bag. “purse” empty.



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  3. 12 jars of Josie Maran sealed, Labor day half off sale

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  4. I went out and refreshed my make-up last week.

    I got Two-Faced Foundation, Mr. Perfect brush, Supergoop setting powder, Roller Lash mascara.
    I'm all set except for blush which I'm still working on.
  5. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (this must be close to my 10th tube!)
    Chloè edp 20 ml (I bring this with me when I travel. I've had countless bottles altogether as this is my signature scent and I've worn it for 11 years!)
    Georgio Armani Acqua di Gioia edp (my 2nd ever bottle. Haven't worn it in 7 years and I missed it!)

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  6. Bobbi Brown blush in Dessert Rose
    Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Champagne
  7. 20190922_194457 - Copy.jpg
    Beauty blenders
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  8. Opium

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  9. BH Cosmetics- Glowing in Greece blush/highlighter palette
  10. How do you like this foundation so far? It's on my list.. thanks
  11. Got my favorite body scrub and makeup remover from L’ocettane and also first time I got a sealer for my eye dark circles from Chanel.

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  12. Hi, it's my first Guerlain foundie and I love it. I've been using it consistently everyday since i got it. My HG now. My Tomford/Charlotte Tilbury/YSL are now collecting dust.

    It gives medium coverage and it has brightening effect on me without the grease (I'm slightly oily but don't like matte finishing due to fine lines; this has a good balance).
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  13. Two new fragrances: 4160 Tuesdays Over the Chocolate Shop and Montale Oudmazing, both eau de parfum.
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  14. Burt's Bees - Lip Shimmer in Champagne
  15. Next year will be 40 so today went all out did a little training on make up as normally I near nothing apart from lipstick and got almost everything I need.

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