Post Your Recent Beauty Purchases! (2nd thread)

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  1. - Hand sanitizer for my setbag
    - Nanoblur for anti-shine, getting more and more difficult to find

  2. Skincare n makeup

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  3. Need a runny, light foundation that’s a shade darker than my norm to mix with my couple of foundies that’s too light in depth (and too matte!).

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  4. F4239BCE-0C6F-4D4D-8C09-F3DE491C2720.jpeg F4C1BC9B-E757-47A1-9125-0F2FECDC8B6E.jpeg 92D71584-7F26-479F-BC15-4DDAECEC20BB.jpeg
  5. From the Sephora summer bonus event...
    IMG_20190822_0036101 (1).jpg
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  6. Arrived today the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set

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  7. - Monda Studio Tissue bag
    - Monda Studio large tote bag

    IMG_4020.jpg IMG_4022.jpg
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  8. Sisley Velvet sleeping mask
  9. Sephora:
    - Dry Clean make-up brush cleaner
    - Huda Beauty - 3D highlighter palette in Golden Sands Edition

    - Lip Palette in Modern Browns
    - Lip Palette in Necessary Nudes
    - 239S small eyeshadow brush
    - 195 Concealer brush

  10. Cosmetic-related. A holder for 24 lippies.

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  11. Guerlain L’essential Foundie

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  12. Sephora
    - 2 magnetic palettes in small
    - 1 Highlighter in H106
    - Sephora magnetic angled blush brush


    MAC Haul
    - 4 empty quad eyeshadow palettes
    - 2 empty duo eyeshadow palettes
    - 1 Gesso eyeshadow pan refill
    - 1 Carbon eyeshadow pan refil
    - 4 239S small eyeshadow brushes
    - 2 205 mascara fan brushes
    - 1 242S small flat eyeshadow brush
    - 1 195 concealer brush
    - 1 190 foundation brush

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  13. More Kilian! This is the special edition Moonlight in Heaven Croisiere, which I like better than the original.
    By Kilian Moonlight in Heaven Croisiere Eau de Parfum.jpg
    And another special. Straight to Heaven, Splash of Lemon
    BY Kilian Straight to Heaven Splash of Lemon Eau de Parfum.jpg
    My Kilian SA at Saks (Prudential Center, Boston) gave me some samples of the new scent, Rolling in Love, which is pretty nice, and, it's in a red bottle. I want that red bottle! It comes in next week.
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  14. Was walking around Wicker Park earlier and saw that we have a Deciem store. Went in because I've always really wanted to try out their products? I mean, $6.80 for a serum. Why not at least try it?

  15. Tom Ford lipstick- Flame
    Ulta carrier oil- Almond
    NEST body mist- Bamboo & Jasmine
    Dr. Bronner's castille bar soap- Tea Tree