Post Your Recent Beauty Purchases! (2nd thread)

  1. I really like it! I got the Clarins in the tub, the "delicious" or something. :p It looks really natural, and I haven't had any streaks. The color is quite natural too. I bought the St. Tropez tanning application mitt for $5 from Sephora which is great--don't have to worry about streaky hands afterwards. ;)

    Good luck!
  2. $3 each at Big Lots

  3. chanel
    coco mademoiselle soap x3
    coco mademoiselle edp 100ml
    chance eau tendre sheer moisture mist x2

    purifying toner
    purifying cleanser
    dior extreme lippie in incognito

    emilio pucci for guerlain
    terracotta gloss in porto fino
    eyeshadow in capri
    powder brush

    borghese fango mud

    4 goody bags filled w deluxe samples + pouch from the bay beauty spring gala (canada)
  4. Soy cleanser from Fresh - love it!!!!

    Had to return the Omorovicza Cleansing Foam I got last week as I had a terrible allergic reaction to something in it (and still no clue as to what that could have been!). Imagine a super red (almost bruised) face, add pimples, add a burning sensation, and you are there... The Fresh cleanser just felt like such gentle relief after that, I don't think I'm ever getting anything else, lol!
  5. really? I was on the their website and was thinking of getting the Cleansing Foam. Hmmmm, maybe not. I have combo skin and sensitive to products w/alcohol in it or anything else that's too strong.
  6. I just bought the Kate Somerville Quench Oil Free Hydrating Serum, Kate Somerville Line Release Under Eye Cream, Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser, and Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Cream. I used to use Kate Somerville products, but I switched to Ole Hemriksen products since they were less expensive. While I love Ole Henriksen products, after just using a newly-found bottle of my KS eye cream that I forgot I had stored away, I am being drawn back to KS products again. Sorry, wallet!
  7. Yes, really bad and borderline scary, to be honest. I too have combo and sensitive skin. But I think I must have had an allergic reaction to something in the Cleansing Foam, as this was really extreme, as reactions go. The foam was recommended to me by the same SA who also recommended the Fresh cleanser (and she was clearly spot on with that one), and she specified very clearly that all Omorovicza products were really made for super sensitive skins, so I shouldn't have had a problem. I was glad I bought it at Sephora and could return it, but I also felt bad as it's so expensive. Maybe it would be worth trying to get a sample first to give it a try? It did smell lovely, and foamed up luxuriously - would have been perfect with my Clarisonic :smile:
  8. Too Faced LE Summer Eye palette.

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  9. Lush solid conditioner. Smells YUMMO! I haven't used it yet, but my daughters have...:shrugs:
  10. Went on a bender at Ulta with the A/G haircare line. I never knew it existed and now I'm obsessed.

    Their Fast Food leave-in conditioner smells like dessert and works better than any I've tried before. I also love their argan (silicone heavy) serum and Deep Conditioner.

    It's $$$ and I spent more than a usual Kerastase haul, but, it's amazing stuff so far that I've tried :biggrin:
  11. Ysl rouge voluptè
    No 11 and no 7

    Unstratified yet gonna get glossy stain :smile:
  12. I wish I could. There are no dept. stores around me that carry this brand :sad: I like to try it out in person before buying it but I guess I could get it from Sephora & return it if I don't like it. I just bought the travel kit, it was on sale...I am excited to try it but I hope my skin doesn't react negatively to it. I will also try it with my Clarisonic, thanks! :smile:
  13. Oh, I so hope it works out for you and agrees with your skin!!! Let me know, please, I am fascinated with this line, and so sad my skin reacted so negatively to it! I had even gotten a sample of their new BB cream (which seems to be lovely), except that now I'm even afraid to try it :sad:

    Anyway, about the foam cleanser: a very little bit goes a long way, and a pea size amount is more than enough. I found that applying it directly on the Clarisonic worked better with this product. Good luck :smile:
  14. Purchased Jergens glow/tan kit at Costco for 11.49 came with full size lotion full size instant express lotion and a mini. My first time using it and love it.
  15. Flowerbomb limited edition La Vie En Rose from Sephora and got travel size Josie Moran Argon oil with bonus points.