Post your purse disasters here!

  1. Let's grieve and move on....:smile:

    Ok, my very first Coach. British Tan small duffle sac. I left it at home when I moved out and my sister got hold of it. Ink spots and horribly damaged.

    Then the burgundy bag which I cleaned too much and faded the color.

    Finally my black Janice Legacy (oh, it still smarts). The one and only purse my ex-husband bought me. I left it in my car unattended to drop off my DD. I must have forgot to lock the door because three minutes and it was stolen. I had a really nice Dooney IT wraparound wallet in it, my favorite cell phone and several MAC lipglasses/pencils. I still miss that bag....
  2. My biggest purse disaster... hmm. I'd just bought an LV Speedy 25 in white murakami which I'd saved up for for months, and I went to the bar with it. I got in an argument with my best friend's significant other, who I had found out was cheating on her. When I threatened to tell her, he poured his green apple martini into -- I mean LITERALLY INTO-- my Louis Vuitton and completely ruined the inside of it.

    ...I got him kicked out of the bar by a bartender who said if he'd done that to her LV she'd have killed him. But still. I CRIED.
  3. ^^ ^^
    that was horrible of him.

    thankfully, no purse disasters for me yet (but i'm not yelling victory yet ;))
  4. last summer i had my black sig duffle on the counter in our kitchen....i went outside for a bit. When i came back in there was a cup laying next to it, on its side....i ran over to it and it was my husbands SPIT CUP!!!!! ( yeah, nasty, he chews). i was pissed! thank goodness it the purse was black and thank goodness even more i got the yucky smell out. Boys are gross. lol
  5. omg! all of your disaster stories are gonna make me cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a great friend you were...not only to stand up for your friend but to sacrifice your Murakami in the process.

    I would have cried, too.
  7. My husband bought me a pink Coach signature & pink suede bag + matching Hat and wallet at Coach Hawaii on our Honeymoon. It was the first suede item I had ever owned. I had tons of other Coach purses. I used it proudly every day for a month once it arrived and then I noticed that the suede bottom and corners were just BLACK, completely ruined.

    I'll never buy a suede purse again. And my husband says he'll never buy me a purse again.

    I loved that purse to death.
  8. that was horrible !
  9. I had a Brighton bag that I purchased in Dallas well over 13 years ago, and I loved that bag. It had a very long shoulder strap, but I still loved it, even though I had every intention to shorten it to fit me. Well, I was driving home from work, and I threw the bag in the back seat of the car like I usually did, and took off for home. When I got home I discovered that the shoulder strap had been caught in the car door for the entire trip home.....through slushy wet snow, and a dirt road for extra measure. Well, it was ruined beyond repair. I was furious at the time and I mourned over that bag for quite a while.
  10. I have a pink Coach signature with suedue corners, and I have noticed that they get pretty dirty. I also own a light blue Celine suede wallet that shows a lot of dirt after a couple of months of use. I use both a suede eraser as well as Applegarde sueder cleaner. I can't say they are looking like new, but they are doing pretty well.
  11. I would like to add that any suede purse that I owned was a disaster within itself because it was like a dirt magnet, and I could never carry one next to way. This is a fun forum. :yes: :yes:
  12. I would never buy a suede purse again. Bought a caramel suede Ghurka and looked shiny and streaked with dirt within a week. Bought it because it cost $99 at the Ghurkha outlet in Woodbury Common. Never again will price seduce me.
    As far as purchasing errors, I don't love my MJ Faridah -- just too lunky. My Mulberry Rosemary is on the small bag, but nice for a "ladies who lunch" bag.
  13. o my o my your stories!!!!!!!!!! :sad: im sosoo sorry someone poured a drink into your LV is someone did that to my LV i would Steal their wallet and everything in it would fund my new one haha

    and EWW boys are gross! spit cup on your bag blah!

    im sorry ladies!!!

    I am trying to think i dont have too many disaster stories cause i am soooo anal

    but my one would be i took my kooba ginger (chestnut so deep brown) bag out with me one night and my stupid friend got too drunk and spilled her drink on the side of it

    I scrubbed at it for like 20 minutes almost cried
    and now it has like 4 tiny spots but its such a dark bag that luckily they are just a tad darker then the orig. color and on the back

    but i was FURIOUS AT HER!!!! And now whenever we go out i grab my cheap $10 bag that i keep around just for nights out with her!!! ;)
  14. I am so loving your cat!!! I can never get mine to sit still for a pic like that. Yours just looks so... intelligent and bemused and sarcastic all at the same time! LOL.

    Sorry 'bout the tangent.

    I just bought a pink Coach suede hobo and now I'm terrified.... :wtf:
  15. Don't think I didn't consider it!!! LOL!

    And that last is so hilarious. I just laughed so hard at work everyone's like "WTF are you doing??"