POST your purchases from the Spring Line

  1. so i just think this would be a good thread because some of the ladies are wanting to see what the bags look like b4 they buy them.

    I'll post my purchases when i get back from the coach store this weekend. =]
  2. I think I'm going this weekend too. I'll post if I get anything. I know for sure I'm getting the signature flower charm & thinking about the carly.
  3. well im getting the carly just having trouble deciding what else to get
  4. Yes that's what I wanna try but it might be too small so I may have to get the medium. But the pouch is my first choice & it's so much cheaper than the medium.
  5. haha yeah im debating in getting it in signature/saddle and signature/chambray

    and a wristlet
  6. After the PCE I recieved the flip flop fob that is too cute, for some reason I'm crazy about it.

    I'm getting the cell fob and the clover charm tonight hopefully and still deciding on if I want the key chain conversation hearts.
  7. thanks ill post pics this weekend after getting my carly pouch and wristlet(hopefully)
  8. I love that flip flob fob :yes: . It is just the cutest thing. I just wish some of these charms would be available in brass to go with all the hardware Coach is using on their bags.
  9. i think this year is going to be filled with Coach for mee
  10. ooooh please please do post pics of the carly pouch! i can't waitttt!
  11. i will once i get the bagg and i want a sig stripe swingpack in khaki/punch or khaki/white so badd right now
  12. I saw the carly pouch, so cute!! I think I may get it in black sig later on.

    I've only got the flower charm so far:

  13. so the black sig is nicee?
  14. I am ordering (today!) the:

    Large black leather Carly :yahoo:
    Hamptons Signature Perforated Large Carryall in Khaki/Camel :yahoo:
    Signature Flower Key Charm :yahoo:
    "K" Key Charm (for my daughter) :yahoo:

    I'm so excited! I had a bit of trouble convincing myself to go with Coach vs. another LV but this way, I get TWO bags for less than what I was planning to pay for only one bag. :yes: And I have been dying for a nice "plain" black leather bag and I adore that large Carly!
  15. Congratulations, Wildflower! I love that Carly!