Post Your POCKET IN THE CITY bags here!!

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    Please post photos and reference info on your Pocket in the City items here.
    As always, please no questions or comments in this thread!
  2. Classic Bag With Flap
    $2650 USD

    07A A35368Y04546

    Chanel Pocket 1.jpg Chanel Pocket 4.jpg Chanel Pocket 5.jpg Chanel Pocket 6a.jpg Chanel Pocket 7a.jpg
  3. Here are some interior shots of the bag taken without flash.

    Even though this bag is called Dark Grey, it is more of a dark brown.

    Other available colors are: Dark Brown (a reddish-brown) and Black.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
    Chanel Pocket 8a.jpg Chanel Pocket 9a.jpg Chanel Pocket 10.jpg Chanel Pocket 11a.jpg
  4. Photos courtesy of CHANELboy, 12 Jun 2007

    Available styles: flap $1795, medium tote $2650, large tote $2995
    Available colors: dark brown, dark grey, black


    Large tote
  5. MY PITC in Brown

  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Here's my PITC in black.
    PITC Black Tote 004.jpg
  10. This is my black Pocket in the City.

    from the Chanel Store in Vienna
    2150,- Euro (no Sale in Austria...)
    94_DSC00732_1.jpg 94_DSC00720_1.jpg
  11. Here are pics of the Pocket in the City Large Tote, taken months after almost daily use. All photos are taken without flash.

    Colour: Dark Grey - but IRL it is a rich glazed chocolate
    Material: Durable soft glazed caviar. (Much softer than caviar of e.g. the GST). Interior lining is gray satin.
    $: Approximately USD 3000 (exchange rate and tax differences)
    Pockets: 5 outer pockets, excluding the main compartment. The main compartment has 1 zippered pocket, 1 un-zippered compartment for a mobile phone and another unzippered pocket.
    PITC Tote -1.JPG PITC - 2.JPG PITC Tote - 3.JPG PITC Tote - 4.JPG PITC - 5.JPG
  12. A modelling pic of the Pocket in the City Large Tote.
    PITC - 6.JPG
  13. black pocket in the city tote, approx. $2650
    IMG_7842.JPG IMG_7843.JPG IMG_7762.JPG
  14. PITC small flap in glazed black soft caviar leather with gunmetal hardware. Orig. retail $1795. This is big enough to fit my huge wallet, keys, cell phone and camera.
    Chanels 196.jpg Chanels 190.jpg
  15. brown pitc from Chanel Sydney AUS$ 2690
    IMG_0851.JPG IMG_0849em.jpg