Post Your Pics of Your Unusual/Rare/Vintage/Past Season Chloe Bags Here!

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  1. O.K. we all know (and love :love: ) the Paddy, Edith, Gladys, Silverado etc. bags of the current and/or recent season(s) - but does anyone have any rarer, older and/or more unusual Chloe bags (or wallets) in their collection, which they would like to show off?

    I (and I think many other Chloe lovers, here) would love to see your rare treasures!

    I have a few, which I will try to photograph and post tomorrow (it's 12.50am, here! :Push: ), but if anyone else would like to get the ball rolling; that would be fantastic!!! :smile:
  2. I don't have any,I'm afraid,but I'm very interested to see all of yours!!
  3. I don't have any either but would love to see some!
  4. I dont have any, im a new fan oF chloe after i bought my paddy.
    I would love to see one too
  5. I'm taking the photos now! :Push:

    Sorry for the delay. :shame:

    Has anybody else got any older/more unusual bags? I'll show you mine if you show me yours ;) lol!!!
  6. Sorry for the enormous delay! :shame: Important things were going on in sellerwatch!

    Well younguns, my Chloe story begins way back in the halcyon days of S/S 2003, when you could still buy a Chloe bag for under £750.00!

    I bought my first Chloe wallet from N-A-P. Apart from a gorgeous Bottega Veneta bag I got given for my birthday by my BF; this was to be my first high end leathergood purchase. This is still my favourite wallet and I use it as a clutch for day.

    The tiger bag and the clutch with flowers soon followed, in A/W '03-'04. Although I have used my beloved tiger bag many times, as you can see, I have still not used the flower clutch! :shame: The tiger bag is truly stunning and is my favourite bag of all time!!! :love:

    A/W '03-'04 was my favourite Chloe year and Pheobe Philo had truly excelled herself. So, of course I had to buy these two beautiful Grecian clutches!

    Then, in S/S '04, I bought first the silver and then the old gold (or was it the other way round?!) mesh hobos. As you can see, I've only used the silver one, so far. I then bought the green, black and gold beaded clutch; I thought this might be a mistake, as although I love characterful bags, I wondered whether this one might have a little too much character!

    I was wrong!!! This clutch has turned out to be a very useful purchase; it looks amazing with black and is one of my favourite and (believe it, or not) most versatile summer bags! :love:

    Once again, if you have any bag pics which you would like to add to this thread, I would love to see them! :smile:
    Chloe Brown Wallet with Amber 1 sml.jpg Chloe Tiger Hobo 1 sml.jpg Chloe Black Clutch with Pink Flowers 1 sml.jpg Chloe Grecian Clutch Bag (Bordeaux) sml 1.jpg Chloe Pink-Purple Clutch Bag (3) sml.jpg Chloe Green, Black and Gold Clutch 1 sml.jpg Chloe Old Gold Mesh Hobo 1 sml.jpg Chloe Silver Mesh Hobo 1 sml.jpg

  7. GORGEOUS!!!! I am in love with them and highly jealous! :love: :love:
  8. The red and purple clutches are gorgeous!
  9. love the gold mesh bag feeling sad i didnt buy it.
  10. Wow, what a collection! Beautiful!
  11. What absolutely gorgeous bags!!! I love them!!! especially the clutches!!! :love: :love: :love: It's amazing to see how the styles changed the past couple of years!
  12. Sweet collection!!
  13. Thank you everyone, you're all too kind! :smile:

    To be honest, I'm feeling a bit embarrased, as this wasn't supposed to be a vanity thread! :shame:

    I also thought that other people might have some much more interesting and rare bags than me.

    What if I opened the field of this thread a bit, to include more unusual styles and/or colours of current season Chloe bags?
  14. chloehandbags - I love the wallet! The clean classic lines are wonderful.

    Don't be embarrassed - it's a treat for most of us I'm sure to see what Chloe did before the recent craze! Truly appreciate it even if there isn't another pic submitted, but hope there is!
  15. I LOVE these bags! You have a wonderful collection and it's amazing to see how the styles have changed over the last few years!