Post Your Pf Get Together Pics/stories Here!!!!

  1. This thread is a LONG TIME COMING!

    Think of all the PFers we have befriended.....over the last year!

    Use this thread to post your meet up pics and get togethers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes::tup:

    I have personally met a new PFer everytime I travel and its SO MUCH FUN!
    (U all know TEAM JILL!ROFL!!!!)

    Share your awesome pics/Stories with us!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Here are some pics from the tPF Minneapolis MOA meet!

    We all met up all Mall of America and shopped (at coach Nordies sephora and CHANEL!) and gossiped and reveld about how bizzare it was to meet people you've talked to online. People gradually had to leave but two other members and I stayed out to the wee hours (clubbing JK) and had some delicious Thai food and coffee an talked about everything from how cute megs and vlad are to scandals to how in the heck you get 20,000+ posts. LOL. It was one the best days of my life, no joke.



  3. ^ LOOOOOVE it!!! Can you give the user names of each person??? Just love love love it!!
  4. Oh this is the BEST thread! I cant wait to see more pictures!
  5. I have to add a couple..LOL
    This is "TEAM JILL" IN MIAMI,last month!(jill(mod)on left,JILLYBEAN on right)
  6. No pics but last weekend I met some PFers at the Murakami MOCA exhibit in Los Angeles (!
  7. Lol. I feel guilty now. :p
  8. Great pics so far!! I want to know who all the lovely ladies at the Mall of America are too!:yes:
  9. Back row (L to R): Mnshopgirl32, CoachKatie, il*bacio*bella, and Ck21
    Front row (L to R): Gr8heart, Guccidiva, RobynBenz, and Lucretias.

    Louislovesfendi818 taking ze picture
  10. We have a Mulberry meet planned over here in the UK. So far there's around 11 of us coming. Will post pics after the event.
  11. Oh, I like this thread...I certainly hope some tPF'rs can get together in Chicgao soon!!!
  12. Everyone looks beautiful!! It looks like fun! I hope I can make it to a tPF gathering soon, I would love to go!
  13. gosh we have fantastic looking girls on our forum for sure.

    I love this thread. I havent got piccies, but I met Secret_Shopoholic for the first time in June, and have seen her 4 times since which is no mean feat seeing that she is in Scotland and im in England. The first time we met I had no idea it was happening. She had arranged it all with my husband and she just turned up with her fabby balenciaga bags on my doorstep - Happy Days, and it took me ages to get over the shock ;)
  14. I haven't met anyone yet but that'll change in a couple of weeks
  15. Im going to FLA this FRI for the weekend...I plan on meeting Charles and his girlfriend on sat....I love to meet a PFer everytime I go away!So fun!