Post your pets in their Halloween Costumes :)

  1. Tanuki is being a skeleton. His costume is from Target! I think he looks cute. :heart:
    n26304776_31579385_8589.jpg n26304776_31579386_8794.jpg
  2. One of these photos looks really bad, somewhat realistic.
    Here is my dog Rowdy....I was joking around while putting up Halloween decorations. He just happened to walk by and I put this on him. He hated it so much he decided to collapse on the grass until I removed it.
    He actually won a pet photo contest at our vets office! His fab prizes were a nail trimming and a check up with the vet, somewhat like a "doggie spa day!"
    rowdy correct size.JPG Dead dog Rowdy.JPG
  3. Izzie the Giraffe!
    n1917691_39916859_3092.jpg n1917691_39916860_3369.jpg
  4. I didnt really buy anything new, I just grabbed what I already have and put them on him. I dont really know what to call this look.. you decide yourself..

    Bhobho was very good, being able to stand still and all... I had to bribe him with cookies though.. LOL..
    CIMG1155.JPG CIMG1156.JPG
  5. How cute! My cats would flip out if I put anything on them. :flowers:
  6. My Cocker Spaniel Daphne as a pumpkin. Unfortunately, I waited too late to get her a costume so I had to buy her one that was too big for her. Her ears didn't fit into the head part very well (last pic). But at least I got the costume at 25% off! LOL!!
    Pic942.JPG Pic944.JPG Pic927.JPG
  7. Here are pictures of my orange tabby, Stanley...taken today..his first Halloween with us! He's a chicken.
    stanthechicken.JPG stanpissedoff.JPG
  8. ^^Stanley is so cute!!:smile:
  9. :lol:These costumes are too cute for words.It's wonderful to see the affection and love you have for your pets,it truely warms my heart.Hope all the pets had a great halloween.
  10. Austin was a hot dog, Dudley was a moose.
    Austin Halloween.jpg dudley and austin halloween.jpg
  11. Thanks! :love:
  12. [​IMG]


  13. LOL...too cute!!

  14. Love it!!

  15. :roflmfao: The second picture is priceless!