Post your PCE purchases!!

  1. I'll start :smile: I used my coupon to get 25% off this lovely shoulder tote that I've wanted for almost a year! I was also thinking of the legacy shoulder but it was a little to small to fit over my peacoat (it's still cold here in Vancouver). This one fits me perfect! What did you all buy?
    shoulder tote.jpg
  2. Here is what I have thus far; I still have a few other goodies en route.

    First pic:

    Large Ergo Hobo
    Signature Wristlet
    White/silver signature bracelet
    Ergo Turquoise Scarf
    White Patent Leather Coin Purse

    Second Pic:

    Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote
    Kerri Sunglasses
    Signature Flower Charm
    Signature Super Long Scarf (I wore this out Sat night on a date with my hubby; very cute!!)
    Multi-dot Ponytail Scarf

    Third Pic: Group Shot!

    I can't wait to get my shoes!! For some reason, Fed Ex required a signature for that particular box but left the other two. Go figure.
    coach pce.JPG coach pce1.JPG coach pce3.JPG
  3. ^ I :heart: your ergo hobo... VERY cute!!!

  4. Becca:

    Were you able to get 25% off your ERGO?
  5. ^Yeah! You got the 25% off of the Ergo!?!!? I think I MIGHT try that one as well. See what they let slide by . . .
  6. can anyone merge this thread with the one that has already been started?
  7. Yeah, there was already a thread on this.
  8. Yes, I did receive 25% off the ergo. :yahoo:
  9. can i ask anyone who did get te 25% off how much it wound up being?!

    and were any of these purchases at coach stores in NYC!?!? thanks!!!

    ( i cant find the other thread on this so!)
  10. or new york state in general!?
  11. Yes, I am in NY state. The Ergo with discount was $276 plus 8% sales tax.
  12. I got this wallet!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

  13. You have great taste. That wallet has been my favorite of all the embossed stuff that recently came out. And, I love it in white. Congrats!
  14. Becca how far upstate!!! :smile: i want to get the 25% off an ergo but im pretty sure all the stores here in the city are going to stick to rules :sad:

    but i would so drive upstate if you arent too far to a coach there!!!

    If you dont want to put it in the thread will you PM me! :smile: thanks!