Post your Pce finds here, please

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  1. I hope I'm not crossing the line BUT I though it would be fun to have a thread where everyone posts their PCE purchases together.
  2. Ummm...
    Just as long as the mods understand that people also want to do reveal threads, too.
    I think it would be best if everyone takes a pic of their entire purchase at one time. grouped together, to include in here...not multiple pics if they are doing a reveal thread. Just my opinion, and I will follow that suggestion myself.
  3. ita!
  4. It will be like one big block party :yahoo: :party::Partyhat::jammin::party::dothewave::ghi5:
  5. I just ordered mine! It is small BUT I have been craving this little sweet heart since the day I saw her!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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  6. Just got back from the store and this is what I bought :yahoo: Mia embossed op art leather Maggie #15727 I love her!! I need a basic black bag right now and this one is perfect for me. I should also say that her lining is actually an emerald green....I think the pic looks too blue. It's not blue at all.

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  7. OMG I am in love with this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I really like the new Maggies. Hmm. Decisions decisions.
  9. YOWSER! Thats nice!
  10. That's Hot! Love that it's embossed, puts a total different spin on the bag
  11. This bag is a real stunner. Thank you for sharing!!
  12. Thanks everyone! She's a keeper for sure.

  13. So pretty!!! Congrats!!!