Post Your Outift of the Day! (OOTD)


Apr 21, 2011
@Christofle, your outfits are absolutely impeccable! Styles, colors, details, the way you pair things together :smile:
Thank you so much!:flowers:

I take great joy in putting together my outfits… especially those with bright cheery prints.

This look is so perfect! :heart::heart::heart:
:drinks: Thank you so much! Your white outfit is perfect too!!!

Right?? He has a knack for this for sure!! Too bad more men don't post here but we'll gladly take @Christofle !!:coolio:
Thanks Antonia :smile:
Maybe the other men will show up eventually… they are still trying to decide which shirt goes with which pants. Have to be patient, not many of them enjoy putting together outfits. :whut: