Post your outfits for the Holidays!

  1. I'm very excited because this is the first year that I have two new dresses. I'll wear one for Christmas and the other for New Year's.
    The first one is by Luella. It's not that posh looking so I know I'll wear it a lot. I plan to wear it with black opaque tights and some Sergio Rossi black pumps.
    The other one is by Tracy Reese and can be worn two ways: either the sequinned slip alone, or with the tulle shift. I'll wear it the second way, with some gray glittery shoes( haven't got them yet, but wen I do I'll post pics).

    What are your festive outfits for this year?
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  2. ooh danae, they are beautiful choices.

    I have purchased a couple, this Kate Moss I have already worn and its gorgeous, I am going to wear it again on Christmas day


    and this one is from Karen Millen, and I am going to wear it tomorrow night to a Christmas Dinner party

  3. Wow! They both are spectacular! I have a couple of Kate Moss dresses, they are very cute, but yours is amazing!
  4. GORGEOUS dresses, both of you but I especially love the Katie Moss one, chloe-babe!
  5. this kinna looks like the dress cameron diaz wore to an awards
    show sometime this year after her and JT broke up. This is too cute
    Love all the dresses ladies, absolutely gorg!! Wow that K.M. dress is BEAUTIFUL :heart:

  6. I LOVE this Karen Millen dress, I just wish I had the figure to wear it too!!! Its gorgeous.
  7. ^^Gorgeous dresses ladies. Christmas is much more casual in my family. There will be a Christmas Eve party tonight but I will be in jeans, heels, and a cute top of some sort. Christmas, I'll be in the most couture of outfits...PAJAMAS!!! :yes::yes:
  8. i love these threads!! but anyways, everyone's dresses are GORGEOUS!! I, like ozzysmom, will also be in pj's on christmas day! haha yay!
  9. All dress r so grog. I specially love Karen Millen dress.
  10. I am wearing Uggs, Citizen Jeans and a Burberry sweater --- eating cheese spread out of the tub....yes the holiday spirit is alive and well in the Clake household ;)

    But honestly, those dresses are amazing -- I would kill to go to any of your dinner parties!
  11. I'm wearing a velour Juicy tracksuit. We are very casual for Xmas. All the outfits posted are beautiful though.

  12. Clake, my family's Christmas party was so dull, I'm inviting you to our New Year's one so that we can chat about Balenciaga... :p
  13. I went for a london preppy look this year with a marc by marc jacobs polo (that had stars and stripes!), skinny black jeans and shiny patent prada shoes!
  14. I always dress a bit more restrained for the holidays, because my relatives are fairly conservative. I see them five or six times a year, no need to rock the boat hehe. I wore a brown and black Missoni sweater with dark blue jeans and Miu Miu black leather boots.
  15. Same here. I go to my DF's house. His parents are near 60 and his uncle and aunt as well in their 50's. Then his brothers and their little ones (1 and 4) - it's not the time nor place for mini skirts, etc.

    To Christmas yesterday I wore a light wash blue jean tucked into tall chestnut sundance uggs (no heels, on the account that I knew I'd be playing with the little ones :p) with a black cashmere turtle neck from Banana Republic. :yes: