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  1. Super stylish! I LOVE your boots!
  2. I cant remember where i bought the dress, but the sunglasses are Chanel as you can see! :smile:
    Screen shot 2012-08-06 at 13.26.27.png
  3. gorgeous!

    love the black and white combo! classic chic!

    fun look!! love the booties!

    can't go wrong with dvf - hope you had a great date night!

    ahh another beautiful maxi! so jealous!

    loving the MBMJ dress!

    you always look so polished and pretty! two thumbs way up!
  4. fun pants!

    hope you had a great weekend PG. love the two outfits you posted. you are such a styling mamma-to-be!

    ah! i covet those shoes! well.. i covet all your shoes! :p

    this is such a fun dress, and totally amazing. hope you had fun at the event! (and sat comfortably too!)


    oh i love this dress on you jenny!! this is a great colour!
  5. it's a civic holiday here today, so no work ootd!! wheee! zara top, banana republic shorts, tory burch flats
    hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

  6. I really love this look!
  7. Im totally in to colour blocking at the moment!
  8. That top is adorable, and the pops of color are so fun. Great outfit!
  9. Love this thread! Great outfits, ladies! :tender:

    This si what I wore to my cousin's wedding:


    *Asos Skater Dress in mint
    *3 Stand Pearl Necklace
    *Mary & Clarc's Snakeskin Pumps
    *Turquoise Chandelier Earrings
    *White Mini Toywatch
  10. Yey a fellow londoner! :smile:

    Loving the snakeskin pumps!
  11. Thanks sweetie, and can i please ask you guys a question? When you use the term 'mamma to be' in the US, do you mean 'pregnant lady' or actual mamma to be? It is just a term that confuses me (but then again i am blonde :roflmfao:)

    That top is gorgeous on you and i love the colour of those flats!!!
  12. You look great. I love all three looks
  13. Love the color of that bal bag
  14. Love your shoes and photo location. I was just there in May.
  15. Thank you! :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.