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  1. Thank you HeartMyMJ's and susu :smile:
  2. Ladies !!!:sunshine: thanks for all the sweet comments!!!

    Platinum: Congrats on the baby !!!
    Phiphi: Keep the pics coming.. you look lovely in every ensemble!
    June: I really love the Bangs.. it suits you!!
    Jenny L : You are too cute in each and every outfit!!!
    Heartmymjs: Thanks dear!!!

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    Here's my going out to lunch outfit for a sunny Californian day! The skirt is the J.Crew No. 2 pencil skirt in Fanfare.
  4. very cute!

    i love this whole outfit!

    lol - i haven't yet found one that looks good proportionately after hemming but will continue my search. in the meantime, i'll just admire yours!! :smile:

    love the yellow!

    fun! i love the shoes!

    each outfit is awesome - you look great!

    you are so sweet! thank you! :hugs:

    love this!! what a fun outfit!
  5. Thank you both :hugs:
  6. Wow,so your yellow on lv
  7. Awww that's great, i just can't believe how fab you are looking so soon after having him, i need to know your secrets :roflmfao:

    Thankyou hun xoxo

    Lol that can be a problem, but hopefully you will manage to find one that you fall in love with and will look good hemmed :graucho:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Ha ha, yes, you will probably need a cape, but you'll rock it like usual!

    I did not buy mine online. They only ship to certain countries, but I do believe they ship to the UK though. Here is the link:,en_GB,pd.html?dwvar_10075127_colorPattern=10075127_IVORYCREAM&forceScope= .

    I will admit I bought the ivory one too! They were both on sale and I couldn't resist. Plus, the material feels like it would be waterproof, so I thought it would be good for rainy Spring days.

    You are so sweet! Thanks!
  10. Oh no, it has sold out in both the colours in the small sizes, boo!!! The ivory one looks nice too, you really do have great taste in clothes doll ;)
  11. Feeling a little like Halloween...H&M top, Club Monaco skirt, Gucci bag.

  12. Oh no! Maybe keep checking? Maybe they'll get more in? I'll cross my fingers for you!
  13. Per my blog..Free people jacket, Karta Dress, CL booties
  14. :kiss:
    LCCC 010.JPG LCCC 013.JPG LCCC 014.JPG
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