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  1. Nhu Nhu/Wendy: You're just so entertaining in your vid! :nuts: Might I say, you bear quite a resemblance to the lovely Michelle Kwan! ;) You spotlighted great outfits in your Valentine's YT segment. :biggrin:

    Mia Bella: I don't think you have an off day ever! :blah:

    pchan2802: I like your polka dot top. :smile:
  2. Wow everyone looks great...soooo many inspiration pics
  3. Hat
    DSC_0715.jpg DSC_0625.jpg DSC_0694.jpg DSC_0623.jpg DSC_0653.jpg
  4. NhuNhu ~ You're so cute! I subscribed :smile:

    Mia ~ Lovely outfit!
  5. aliwishesbear- i love your coat!
  6. I love your shoes...I'm looking for a pair just like that for this summer/spring.

  7. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! :flowers:

    Here's info about my shoes for anyone who's interested. They're super comfortable and very light. I wore them all day shopping yesterday and had no pain or discomfort and I wore them right out of the box. I am in love with them!

    There are several versions of the DV wedge and you'll see they're all priced very differently:

    These are mine - the leather upper, man-made lining/sole:
    Dolce Vita 'Pali' in Desert

    This is the leather upper, lining and sole:
    Dolce Vita 'Pela'

    And the higher platform version w/ leather upper, lining and sole:
    Dolce Vita 'Jade'
  8. Today was cold & lots rains ~ I should be doing this :sleepy:

    Trench coat ~ Max&Co
    Dress ~ T by AW (can't see it in the pic)
    Neck Warmer ~ Echo
    Legging ~ Nordstrom brand
    Wellie ~ Max&Co
    Clutch ~ Max&Co

  9. I am in love with this dress! Where did you get it?
  10. Mia Bella;18071103]The day hasn't fully arrived but I plan on wearing my new goodies out to lunch!


    This is such a chic outfit!
  11. This is an awesome thread! I love this outfit. So chic!

  12. I normally don't do logos, but I am a sucker for the "other H"


    Here was the bottom half:

  13. Love Mia Bella's DV SHOES!!! :love:
    Alex Spoils Me ~ Thank you so very much!! :cutesy:
    gnatty8 ~ love love your Harley!!! The "H" jacket looks great on you!! :love::love:
  14. Thank you so much for watching hugable, DC-Cutie, aliwishesbear, *want it all*, Gigi LV!!! :yahoo::hugs: I hope to entertain you in future videos :biggrin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.