Post your Outfit of the Day! {OOTD}

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  1. western style blouse with cowboy boots print on :smile:

  2. Cute- love your shoes!
  3. Wowsa on the shoes , love the outfit!
  4. Thanks so much ladies!

    Having a midi moment in a Zara top and Aritzia skirt.
  5. Lovely!
    Great outfit.
    Really nice!

  6. 2 recent OOTDs:


    What I wore today: top, jeans & watch are from Target:

  7. Love it. Those shoes are amazing!!

    Love the skirt!!
  8. You look great!

    Very stylish :smile:

    Love it from head to toe!
  9. Très chic! :tup:

    You look amazing!

    Love both :smile:

    Very very pretty!!
  10. Love the outfit, erica. Yellow looks great on you!
  11. I really like it :smile:

    That jacket is gorgeous!
  12. Just love this!
  13. Zara top and pants, Clarks shoes

  14. Love those outfits Ella!
  15. Thank you!
    Thank you! It's one of my favorite colors ;)


    *Vintage *Anthropologie *Miu Miu *Ellen Tracy
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.