Post your Outfit of the Day! {OOTD}

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  1. My ootd as posted on instagram (annamaiusa):

    blouse: H&M
    Sweater: F21
    Necklace: J Crew
    Jeans: Hollister

    I had to wear bluejeans because my black ones are at the tailors
  2. Teehee! Thank you! :biggrin: I love my kitty cat watch, too. It's so whimsical yet classic at the same time, and I can't even count the number of compliments I've gotten on it. Extra bonus? It cost me about 25 bucks. :nuts:
  3. THank you so much! :smile: I absolutely adore it too, and wear it pretty much daily. Not too shabby for such a cheap piece. :graucho: If you check HERE, you may be able to find it, though it usually sells out in the blink of an eye. :smile: I see they have it in leopard now, though! As well as the bunny and panda varieties. ;)
  4. Cute dress and you look gorgeous in it! Love the hair too! I think I'm going to go check out H&M now lol

    Awesome deal! Yeah, I like whimsical and cute, sometimes quirky, things. They just bring a smile to your everyday :biggrin:

    Lovely picture! I like the blue background together with the outfit. :tup:
  5. Here's an outfit from last week, which I wore to work and Uni classes. :biggrin:

    The outfit consists of a homeknit beanie, BikBok black coat, Current/Elliott skinny jeans, Acne scarf, Sendra boots, Equipment silk shirt, knit jacket from AllSaints Spitalfields, foldable Wayfarers from RayBan, Balenciaga triple tour bracelet, and rings from Soo Ihn Kim and Bjørg. :smile:

  6. Oh my, thanks for letting me know. The rabbit ears is adorable and I might just get it for my little nephew (or myself!). :biggrin:
  7. DVF jkt, Theory pant, CL shoes
  8. from my blog entry today ~ :flowers:

    Club Monaco, Abercrombie & Fitch, Guess, vintage Chanel :smile:

  9. Wearing Lisa Ho ink print swing dress Natasha sandals.
  10. Great outfit and I love how your puppy is also in on the action too:smile:
  11. This is lovely!
  12. thanks! :smile:
  13. [​IMG]

    *Equipment *AG *Kate Spade *Report Sig
  14. Today no need for the winter jacket anymore, I'm so relieved & happy. It's all about H&M,IM, Givenchy&Zara.
  15. Love!
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