Post your Outfit of the Day! {OOTD}

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  1. thread continued from here.

    This thread should be fun! Inspirational! Please post your pics and deets of the outfit you're wearing. You may not post links to your blog or ask people to go there for info. That's what THIS thread is for! :idea:
  2. Yay TPF family we have a new thread. Can't wait to see everyones outfits.
  3. Subscribing!!! :couch:
  4. Me too, subscribed!
  5. Wearing a pop of fuchsia with my new Boutique 9 heels, Jacob dress, Chanel bag and BCBG belt.
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  6. Pretty I like the silhouette
  7. You look great...I still love those heels:graucho:
  8. Here is my outfit from last weekend: The blouse is Ann Taylor Loft, skirt is Anthropologie, shoes are CL and the bag is J. Crew.
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  9. Love the pop of color. The shoes are gorgeous, as is the entire outfit!
  10. Great look and that bag is amazing
  11. You look great.
  12. What an adorable look! The yellow and blue mesh very well together.
  13. great colours! love the skirt
  14. Love your shoes!

    Cute skirt!
  15. Very casual chic! Love the look :smile:

    Yellow + Cobalt = :heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.