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  1. Based on everyone's feedback, we have this new thread where you can post your outfit for today. :yes:

    It will be like flipping through a magazine seeing what everyone's wearing. It will also help us with ideas on how to coordinate and combine our clothes.

    If possible, please add photographs so that we can see the whole look ... accessories and shoes included too!

    Post away! :yahoo:
  2. I will start, white linen drawstring DVF pants with a blue cap sleeved cable knit cashmere sweater & platform cork sandals. I don't have my camera with me so no pic :shrugs:
  3. I'm just wearing a white tank, COH Ingrids, and brown Havaianas flip-flops. Sorry no pics since I find my outfit quite boring.
  4. Tan colored Editor pants from Express, a pale blue, brown, red and orange striped henley/baseball shirt from Forever 21 ($11.80, can't beat that :graucho: ), Coach signature dog leash mules in brown.

    No pictures because I look like poo, it's been a long day :Push:
  5. I look like poo too....lounging around black sweats from Old Navy & red beat up Tommy shirt. Black leather flip flops.
    I'm doing work on my house today....plaster dust everywhere! SO no dressing up!
    Accessories: Coach hamptons tote (rainy day out here so no LV), Tiffany bracelet, Mickey watch, and my standard rings/earrings that are on everyday.
  6. Camo, long flowy skirt and army green tank. Soooo comfy!
  7. i don't have my camera either.

    Salmon/black Nieves Lavi dress, flip flops, and a beige fringed bag.
  8. Yay, I love these kind of threads. :yahoo:

    Lux Pinstripe shorts (urban outfitters)
    Lux short-sleeve crew neck tunic (urban outfitters)
    H&M grey cardigan

    Shoes: black ballet flats from ninewest

    And carrying my :heart:, black Balenciaga city!
  9. -grey dress with black netting armpart (elie saab)
    -black velvet shoes with snakeskin heel and mink straps (gucci)
    -black clutch (noton the pic but it was also gucci)
    ah and since i am in germany at the moment no big jewelery only
    - rolex menswatch
    -whitegold ring novelle vaue cartier
    -love bracelet platinum cartier

    somehow i look weird on the pic i am thinner in reality and my boobs are supposed to be higher :lol: :wtf:

  10. This is SO VERY OT but...

    lilach You look GORGEOUS in your picture!! I am so very very jealous of your body.. (hehe I hope this isn't weirding you out or anything! :shame:smile: I think it's time for me to hit the gym again!!! :roflmfao:
  11. Yay, awesome thread idea!!:yes:

    I too "look like poo", so I don't have a picture...but I'm wearing

    -Black Lowcut Longsleeve
    -Very pale light blue Juicy Couture Mini
    -Gold Havaianas
    -Gold Juicy Charm Bracelet

    :smile: Anyone else?
  12. Cute outfit!

    Are those flats comfortable??
  13. Aww thanks br00kelynx! :shame:
    I find the flats to be relatively comfortable considering that I have reallllly wide feet.. but they don't really give any support. I haven't worn them that many times but I have wondered how safe they will be to wear if there was stuff on the ground- ie. glass, little rocks, etc, since there isn't really a sole.

    (hehe I hope I made sense in my haphazard description.. :P)
  14. Outfits are usually better. but i like it. And of course the shorts make my little ol legs look huge. but who cares!? haha :P

  15. -white Polo skinny fit polo
    -khaki gray Marc by MJ skirt
    -tan Aldo heels with cork soles
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