*^*^*^* Post Your OCTOBER Purchases Here *^*^*^*

  1. Hello all

    It's October 1st and I'm currently a ban island resident so I have nothing to show, but who knows I might fall off the wagon soon - you know how it goes ;)

    Show us your OCTOBER LV goodies :biggrin:
  2. How exciting :smile:
  3. I'm waiting on my Mums scarf to arrive by mail:smile: HOPING TOMORROW:smile: when it arrives;) Will be the only otoober thing i think:p Im on ban-island till xmas and 18th coming up next month;) IVE BEEN A GOOOOD BOY:smile: ALLLL LV was for my sister or mum:p
  4. I'm also waiting for my Metis but since I already paid for her I considered her a September purchase. Hmm I might make her an October purchase after all
  5. Thinking of finally getting my NF GM DE tomorrow for my birthday. Got some NM gift card money to put towards it. I am getting something tomorrow, just not 100% sure what lol :smile:
  6. Happy bday :smile: good luck with your purchase and waiting for your reveal ;)
  7. Happy Birthday then!!! Get something in DE like the NF you are saying. Very warm color IMO.:biggrin:
  8. Thank you! :biggrin: Yes, I have soooo many speedy's. I need more shoulder bags. I only have the one DE and I love how durable it is. Still looks brand new! :smile:

    I also have a limited budget. I have $850 to spend on the NM gf. And, I have to pay the difference so the NF seems to be the winner as far as money I have to put out. Only should be a couple hundred. And, it's a classic. Love classics!! :biggrin:
  9. Thank you! I am very excited! Nothing like going to LV on your birthday!! :biggrin:
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    Here's my new pre-owned trunks and bags mini pochette...I got her at a great deal :smile:

  12. I purchased my first pre-lvoed item this week, now I'm waiting it to arrive!
  13. You should get it!!! I just got one and love her!!!
  14. I'm hopeful that she will be the one! :smile:
  15. I'm supposed to get my new pre loved later today :smile:))