Post your october - December purchases here.

  1. Just got this little beauty: a Connor Mini in Sea Green. Terrific bargain from the RM site: the price was knocked down from $195 to $88, and then I had a 15% coupon for joining the site. I just couldn't pass it up! It's a small bag (7.5 x 6), probably mostly to wear for a casual evening out (movie & pizza). I love the expandable zipper (see photo) and removable handle.

    I also appreciated how well it was packed. Last week I received a Mini Cupid from Nordstrom that was just stuffed in a plastic bag & was rattling around in a giant box with no packing material... I nearly had a heart attack when I opened the box! Fortunately no damage, but still...

    One question: Unlike other RM bags, this one did NOT include an extra set of tassels. Has anyone else bought the Connor Mini, and did it come with extra tassels?
    RMCM-2.jpg RMCM-4.jpg RMCM-5.jpg RMCM-6.jpg
  2. Very nice. It does look black on my screen. The dark green will be a nice neutral.
  3. That's a great deal. congrats.
  4. Thanks for letting me know! I do find the prices at Holt a bit higher than what you can find elsewhere. $149 is a reasonable price especially since the regular price for MAC minis are $225 at Holt... :shucks:

  5. Congrats on your first RM; lovely colour! I'm still waiting for my first RM to come in today. UPS where are you?!
  6. Yes, I have the Connor Mini in navy from Saks and there was not an extra tassel. I carried it the other night as a little hand held bag. It is little, that's for sure, but I'm very happy how well made it is as it's my first RM bag.
  7. first of all, congrats on your new bag, that's a great deal!
    i think RM started to provide extra tassels from the Fall 2013 Season. the Sea Green was in the Summer 2013 Season so i think that's why you didn't receive them.

    as for packaging, i had similar experience with my mini Luscious from Nordstrom and my mini Lust from Bloomingdales. they (and Saks) use the same outside company Borderfree to deliver the items so i think it's their common practice not to use so much stuffing inside the box. all of my bags arrived undamaged so i won't complain. i actually prefer less stuffing and packaging ;)

  8. Ordered from Nordies and arrived NOW! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1382485017.668428.jpg
  9. My sister and I did a bag swap yesterday, traded her an LP for this gorgeous pale grey mini 5 zip. I never used to be a fan of small bags but all of a sudden I am so in love with them! RM mini MACS are just perfect!

  10. Beautiful color! What is it called?
  11. Happy Harvest!

    Bag of the year, hands down!!!!
  13. My first RM! MAC woven in lavender with silver hardware. It's hard to photograph the actual colour. It shows up more brown in the picture. It's more taupe with a stronger purple undertone in real life.
  14. Here's another pic showing the color when it's directly under sunlight. It is a pretty neutral green (reminds me of dark evergreen forests) and it goes well with many colors... including red.
  15. Ok I know this picture doesn't do this bag justice, but I just received it tuesday and I'm in the process of moving. I'll post better pictures later. Looove the new amorous! Only downfall is there is no hardware at the bottom.