Post your october - December purchases here.

  1. I see Cupid in rose gold having a good resale value.
    But I thought the leather should be shiner than that. On website, it looks really shiny and bright.
  2. I like the soft, matte leather better than the glazed. Lately most of the RM bags I see in the store are the glazed leather.
  3. I've posted the crossbody before, but the matching wallet came in last week. I love this look!

  4. Finally added a Covet to my collection. It should be here by Wednesday. It's different from all the big bags I carry, but since I do carry my affair on occasion, the Covet should be a size bigger. It was a steal on eBay, so I'm hoping I'll love it. It's the Grape color with the black and white dash lining. Looks brand new. :smile: And my first RM with a clip on Tassel.
  5. Found a Metallic Taupe Cupid with gunmetal HW on eBay and pounced immediately! Can't wait to receive it. I think it'll be my perfect light neutral.
  6. Picked up a black flame satchel at Saks off fifth and a rm wallet at tj maxx on clearance :smile:
  7. I just won a yellow Desire on eBay and the seller is close by so I get to do a pick up tonight and save on shipping!!

    My first yellow bag! It is not NWT like I usually buy but it looks fabulous and the seller already conditioned the bag so I am sure I will love it!
  8. I just received my Petal Pink Mini MAC and I love it! It took me ages to get a hold of one, but it was worth the hunt! My search for this purse is what made me register on this forum initially (although have lurked here before) and now thanks to some nice members, I finally have her! :amuse:

  9. It's lovely! Congrats!
  10. the color is lovely, looks so sweet!!
  11. awww i have the very same bag! also took me a while to get one in the right colour but it made me really happy that i did not go for any other colour mini mac and stuck to petal pink which i originally wanted. it's one of the cutest bags i have. i love it. just be careful not to wear it with dark jeans because the stains rub off.