Post your November/December Purchases!!

  1. I thought this should be fun to know about your new purchases:tup:

    Will post mine soon as i'm still waiting for my metallic black reissue. However, would love to see others posting their pics here:flowers::love:
  2. It is finally 11/1:tdown:, the day we've all been dreading for the last month! Luckily, I bought them RIGHT before the price increase (a few hours before!):yahoo:

    Here are the 2 new additions to my humble Chanel family (My first is the Vinyl Coco Cabas)!

    Black Patent Jumbo classic flap w/ Silver hw
    Black Patent Med/Lg classic flap w/ Silver hw

    I just had to have both!:p What's on your Christmas list?
  3. Oops! Here is the pic!
  4. Could you please let me know what the price tag for the jumbo one is? Do you know what the increased price is? Thank you.
  5. The patent jumbo retails for $2,350 and is not being affected by the 11/1 price hike.
  6. the patent jumbo retails for $2395 actually not $2350 ^
  7. what about the med/large patent flap?
  8. The patent classics haven't been affected by the price increase YET:tup:, the SA told me today. Anyhow, I got the patent classic medium flap for $2,150 and the jumbo for $2,395. I heard it may go up in the future, anyone know anything about this? :smile:
  9. Just got my black baby cabas today :yahoo:
  10. [​IMG]

    Wow....i love both of your patent flap bags in med/large & jumbo size!:flowers::love:

    Both are so gorgeous! Congrats:tup:

  11. [​IMG]

    Love ur baby cabas...she's lovely:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. caren and miraco11 I love your bags!Congrats!:nuts:
  13. Wow beautiful bags...I am so green with envy...sure wish that I am not in a serious bag ban. Congrats miraco11 & caren!:girlsigh:
  14. I jus rec'd this chanel navy bag yesterday and bought this from eBay for USD499.99 in excellent condition like new, I'm so thrilled:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  15. Celia Congrats !It's beautiful!What I like most is that the "Chanel" logo is embossed!Great deal too!:tup::yes: