Post your NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Purchases!!!

  1. WOW, time is really flying by!!:nuts: It is nearly 2008!!:party:
    Please share your wonderful final purchases for 2007! :tender:
    Looking forward to many more beautiful pictures!:yahoo: Am personally going to post an
    AG Day during Nov/Dec and trying to be good otherwise but we'll see what else I can't resist!;)

    Looking forward to many more beautiful pics!
  2. I just love :love: watching your collection grow! You have fabulous taste!

    An Ag Day will be amazing! I am planning on a turquoise city in December, cross your fingers for me!
  3. I'm crossing my fingers for both of you gals:heart:

    Well, I don't think I'll be posting in here....unless my HGs pop up:wlae:
  4. Totally agree with 'K' tooshies on each point :yes::

    - fingers crossed for you 'all' (Marie, Shasta, tooshies and all PF-friends) to get what you want ;):love: and...

    - I don't think either I'll be posting in here :nogood:... unless I could find a '05 magenta Coin purse :rolleyes::tender:

    THANK YOU dear Marie for starting this new thread, I'm very anxious to see your purchases until the end of this year :girlsigh:
  5. Hopefully I will be posting a violet envelope clutch with SGH! Expecting it from Neimans soon :woohoo:
  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Shasta, Firstclass, Tooshies!:tender: I'm sure you will find your HGs soon!!:yahoo: Looking forward to your violet envelope clutch with SGH, Peppers!!:love:
  7. I'm hoping to add a number of things this month.......I'll post pics as soon as they arrive!
  8. Peppers...I am looking forward to your Violet Envelope Clutch too!

    I hope to post a Jaune SGH Envelope Clutch, Plomb City & Ivory medium Matelasse!!!

    After that, I'll be saving for my waitlisted Electric Blue City, Sage City & Turquoise Work to complete my newly updated and smaller collection. I look forward to using all my Bbags all the time!
  9. I don't think I'll have anything new to add....unless hubby managed to snag a Balenciaga for my birthday! Otherwise, I think I'm just saving up for the three '08 bags I want!
  10. getting my violet work , or twiggy or city
    haven decide but violet is a must have for me....!!!
  11. I'm saving up for 08 too!! But can't wait to see what you ladies get!! :yahoo:
  12. ...Oh, and that hard decision I had to make last month between a Mastic Part Time and a French Blue Day...Well, I should have chosen the Mastic PT :sad: I always think too much about these things. It turns out the Day style is not for me (but totally love the colour)...Now I can't afford the Mastic PT on Diabro!!! This indecision is killing me!!!
  13. My new love!!! I always thought the City would be too big/structured for me but I LOVE this '05 Caramel since it's so slouchy and nicely broken in. Just got this one on Monday and I'm STILL smiling with glee! Technically not a Nov purchase, but thought I would post here anyway. Here she is! (My husband walked in the door from work Monday evening....took one look at my face and said...." got another "Balency" bag didn't you?") LOLLLLL!!!!

  14. ^^^OMG Deb!!!! LOVE your caramel city!~ but you already know that!!! It looks wonderful on you!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  15. Deb!! It's so outrageously yummy!

    I can't wait to see more of everyone's purchases. And I'm expecting and accessory or two...