Post your Nordstrom Rack finds! (read first post)


Feb 7, 2014
If anyone is in the Bay Area, run over to East Palo Alto Rack. They have a ton of new red tagged designer clothes and shoes.



May 15, 2010
I was at the Rack over the weekend and found a couple of Moncler jackets. I thought that I hit the jackpot, but the prices were still over $1000. Oh well.
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Jan 26, 2010
Buyer beware! I had to fight like a banshee for a pair of Gucci sandals that an employee forgot to remove or cover the original red tag sales tag. I already new the rack was marking up prices on sales merchandise. This manager confirmed this to me. The red tag was at a lower price than the white tag. Came across some men's Gucci shoes that they were so old that the mark downs was in the middle 200.00 price range. Burberry was extremely high. This manager also told me most of the designer clearance are staying at the full line store. I purchased the pink Gucci sandals, and the black flat Gucci sandals. Found a chloe backpack 649.00. Feels like I'm competing with online shoppers now in the store. Plenty of employees are walking around pulling merchandise for online orders. View attachment 4989238 View attachment 4989239 View attachment 4989240 View attachment 4989243 View attachment 4989244 View attachment 4989245
what location is this at?? i never find anything at my rack.