Post your Nordstrom Rack finds! (read first post)

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  1. This is not OK. Bye bye Rack, you lost my business. The “hunt” isn’t fun anymore if it’s rigged against me.
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  3. I really think the quality and quantity of goods left at Rack, have GOT to be hurting sales at this point. Employees always snagged things, but in the past there was just more quantity so there was enough left for us. There used to be plenty of mid-range labels in the clearance section, like Vince, DVF and Eileen Fisher. Now all of those are in the "designer row" section, more expensive than you can get at Neiman Marcus full line sales.
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  6. IMG_6785.JPG
  7. Does anyone have any more details on the upcoming CTR? Does it start on Thurs (Valentines day) or Friday? Last year they had 50% off dresses around this time, it might be worth checking out.

    This begs the question, what about that "early access to CTR" that we are supposed to have, has anybody actually utilized that? TIA
  8. CTR is from March 7-10th
  9. OOPS forgot to post. Spotted early this morning final sale Proenza schouler black leather bag 600.00. I have a rag & bone bag similar style. Burberry straw tote bag rt. 400.00. Is it me but are the prices much higher on the rt clearance items? Most of my Burberry bags I posted in this thread were rt and way under 300.00. 20190212_102340_wm.jpg 20190212_102530_wm.jpg
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  10. $600 for the PS is good, that is reminiscent of old rack prices
  11. Doh! Thanks... well I'll bet the Mar 7 CTR will probably have 50% off something, they are bound to have inventory then
  12. Online now IMG_6790.JPG
  13. Speaking of PS, some just popped up online.

  14. IMG_1020.JPG IMG_1019.JPG

    Saw this today. Didn’t buy it because the clasp was difficult to open and it would’ve seemed like an annoyance for an everyday bag.
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  15. Grabbed the last PS strap to match my black mini city
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