Post your Nordstrom Rack finds! (read first post)

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  1. Share your amazing Rack finds here!

    If you're selling something - DON'T SAY IT. We do not allow any buying or selling here to protect you; do not do it, you will be banned.
    If you buy something and aren't sure if you'll keep it, keep that to yourself or you may return it and let everyone know which store it's been returned to.
    You may NOT PM or tell people you will list an item for sale somewhere {
    , Bonz, etc. . .}

    Following these rules WILL keep the drama out of the thread because then no one can complain that someone is baiting for a sale, or that they hate it when people buy an item cheap and then flip it, etc. . .

    Previous thread here.
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  2. I got a mbmj bag and two Vince t-shirts totaling under $90!! :smile:

  3. Wow, u scored well! Pics?
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  4. Pics pics !!!
  5. I'll post pics when I get home.
  6. Was the 30% off just yesterday or does it extend a few days?
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  7. Until tomorrow sunday 11/30 but if your in NJ Bergen County NR Rack extended to Monday Dec 1 because Sunday is not open in Bergen County
  8. Wow new thread!! Nice!!
  9. In addition to the $7 Paul Green sandals, I found a penny bracelet at my other Rack.


    Also these, still at the store (Baldwin Commons):


    The manager freaked me out...she came up to me and asked "Can I help you find something?" When I gave her a confused look she was like "You were in here yesterday...thanks for shopping with us!" Think the cashier told her about my four penny items yesterday :P

  10. Ha. I like how she covered it up with the second part of a sentence "...thanks for shopping with us." It happened to me once (when I had more time to shop) when one of the SA just said "U sure shop here often." I considered it rude. Your SA at least sugarcoated it :smile:
  11. I went to potomac mills yesterday I only looked at accessories, handbags, and shoes...I didn't find anything that I really wanted or needed. I'm trying to not just buy for the label or because it's such a "great deal"...I'm starting to feel like I have too much stuff and that I need to purge and donate and just not spend sooo much.
  12. Hehe... at one store I visit about once every week or 2. I notice there is this male SA who only offer help to certain age of female shoppers shopping by themselves. Then he will try to strike up a convo. It's kinda amusing:P

  13. Lol - I had one male SA say that to me when I forgot one of my receipts and they had to look it up. Believe me, I haven't misplaced one since! 😂

    It just weirded me out and threw me off guard. I know I'm recognized at my usual store - one of the SAs there says hi to my son when we come in (she calls him her little buddy) - and it doesn't make me feel weird to be recognized, but the way this manager made a point to walk up to me specifically and ask when she didn't ask anyone around me just made me give her the side-eye.
  14. There was a couple months in the summer where I was at the local NR weekly. Friended an SA who will help me on the mobile find things and do check out for me. Then I'd go to another rack on the weekends.

    Luckily no one has outright called me out at any of them lol.
  15. Here are some of my finds. Hope to find some more tomorrow. Alexander McQueen for puma sneakers for $70 (after 30% off), origin. $280. Furstenberg New Yahzi Short Silk Dress for $44, down from $425, and Topshop suede booties for $18.

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