Post your Nordstrom Rack bargains!

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    ^ Awesome!!
    I wish I wasn't snowed in....I haven't made a trip to NR in sooo long and I have a $20 note to use!
    All these deals are making me envious! Any Long Islander's been to the Westbury location lately? Please report your finds!
  2. Me too! I don't have a note to use but I have money that's burning a hole in my pocket. I don't know when I'll be able to venture out because it looks like the roads will be bad for a few more days at least. I keep reading about great deals and getting email coupons from lots of stores but I can't take advantage of any of them. So frustrating!
  3. I know! I should re-iterate, the snow isn't my only problem, it's having 2 kids under 5 that makes it hard to go shopping period. :p
  4. Wow, ladies! You all are finding really great bargains! I think I would faint from excitement if I saw Lanvin at my store!
  5. We almost did!
  6. Marc Jacobs belted trench coat $52
    Missoni dress $299
  7. oh and I once found a chloe silverado for $299
  8. I normally find True Religion jeans for $70-100 and pick up a L.A.M.B. bag every once in awhile...

    I was in Olympia, WA right after New Years visiting. We made a detour into the city for a few hours and I dropped by the Rack in downtown Seattle and was pretty much ready to leave empty handed when I perused the "evening gown" rack that was loaded with beaded winter holiday gowns....

    I found this little Oscar De La Renta smashed between some hideous matronly evening outfits...

    I tried it on with the intent of just "seeing how it looked" and it was too perfect to leave behind. The original tag for $8K+ was still attached...

    It was still a pretty penny, something I would NEVER be able to afford at retail price.. and the largest investment I've made in one piece of clothing... but I will get a LOT of wear out of it. My perfect little black dress! :heart::love::lol:
  9. ^wow! :nuts:
    You struck gold! It's beautiful, c:nuts:ngrats!
  10. ^^I love your sons' names, Sneezz! My DS's name is Noah!

    Jencine: That dress is absolutely amazing! Congrats!

    Skyfire: I love that leather jacket! You really got a really great deal!

    Mrsblum: Wow! Chloe, Missoni, and Marc Jacobs! I see MJ at my store from time to time. I will definitely be keeping a closer eye out!
  11. Thanks! Noah is such a beautiful name, we regretted not saving it for DS #2 since it was so hard to pick out a name the second time around!
  12. Well, I stopped by the Rack yesterday - there are two in my area.
    At one, the most extravagent designer is Coach.
    The other one has a lot of Valentino, a lot of Jimmy Choo, some Manolos and Versace - all mixed in with everything else.

    They had a pair of last spring's Alexander McQueen Petrol pumps - and just as I reached for them, someone else snagged them. They were priced at $75.

    There were a lot of diamond Michele watches, between $350-650.
    And, I purchased a Lanvin Oulala pale gold satin clutch on clearance for...

    I was thrilled.
  13. ^^Oh my goodness! What amazing deals! Do you mind if I ask where this store is located?
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