Post your Nordstrom Rack bargains!

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  1. Love the jacket, great find.
  2. Those are nice, how much were they?
  3. You are most welcome. Unfortunately, I didn't get to give them to her in person to see her reaction (I'm in the US for school), but from the sound of her voice, she seemed to have liked them. They are beautiful shoes, i think they were the last pair when i got them
  4. Thanks! They were both $190
  5. Potomac Mills rack. $249.97 size 39.5. Currently in my cart, pm if you want me to put them on hold.
  6. Saw these Charlotte Olympia's at the Dallas NR on Park Lane
  7. Another picture
  8. If anyone is interested, these worn and refurb Valentinos was at the Fremont, CA location at closing time, size 38.5, for $199.97
    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG
  9. Me too!
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    saw these at the one in cherry hill, nj. GREAT (~90% off..holla!) price and comfy too but they kept on failling out of my small and flat feet...grr. Had to put em back. :sad:

  11. At the Factoria, WA Rack there wasn't much left in shoes but the clearance bag table was crazy! In this pic is a Stella McCartney bag, Marni straw thing, Bottega Veneta clutch, Marc Jacobs stripy clutch and a whole pile of Proenza Schouler pouches for $155-$165/ea.
  12. Were they heels or flats?
  13. Low heels if I remember correctly.
  14. Sweet Lord. Did you buy any of these beauties? That PS is fantastic for under $200!
  15. I didn't! I almost bought one of the red and black PS pouches because I think they're very cute but I really have a lot of leather pouches and I've been on a spending spree lately so I forced myself to pass.

    Plus, they had several so I figured there would probably be one left if I changed my mind later. :smile:
Thread Status:
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