Post your Nordstrom Rack bargains!

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  1. You know it!
  2. Womens did mark downs yesterday and today. There is a lot of items that are $1 or $5 but they are only keeping these items for about a month and then sending them to their last chance store. Before things that were mark down to a penny were automatically sent out. Now they are doing $1 or $5 to give customers time to enjoy some savings.
  3. thanks for the heads up, I got some dark green Hudson skinnies for 5 bucks. I got the red ones last month for 9 and thought that was a deal ! lol.

    It's embarrassing to keep going but I when I hear markdown I stop by while I am out doing errands .. it's so addicting. But I controlled myself to just the one pair. I was tempted by some pink Paiges for 26 but they didn't look so great on like my regular Paiges I love. Too bad :sad:
  4. Thanks for the info. I have some returns to make at a mall that has a Rack so I might end up going tomorrow after work to see if I find any $1 or $5 items. I'll report back if I do :smile:
  5. I finally scored some goodies today from my local rack!!! I got two pairs of St. John pants for $30 each and a pair of theory pants at $20. Finally a long sleeve tee at $1. Yah!!! So excited
  6. Wait so are things actually marked down to $1 or $5? Like as in, does it say that on the price sticker of the item? And do you all know if its kind of like a nationwide rack stores thing that the women's section is being marked down this week? I'm trying to better master the ways of Nordstrom Rack.
  7. I found 2 $1 cardigans! I saw a few random shirts for $5 and a $1 tank top. I looked through every clearance rack! I also found a $18 theory tank.
    It seemed like some things had further markdowns except the shorts that I want that have been $59.97 forever
    I did notice that the $1 items i found were the brand Abound.

    $ ImageUploadedByPurseForum1367901801.000235.jpg

  8. Yes the ticket will say $1 or $5. All the women markdowns should be done. If you ask them nicely they will tell you when they next markdown are for the month of June.
  9. Found this McQueen clutch yesterday for $720! Still selling at Neiman Marcus for $2045 :biggrin:
    McQueen Skull Clutch 50.JPG McQueen Skull 50.JPG
  10. What an amazing deal! Congrats!
  11. Love it! Did you get it?
  12. Amazing clutch! WOW is all I can say....
  13. Yes, paid for it on the spot! It's missing the dust bag but the original leather shoulder strap was tucked inside.
  14. That clutch rocks!! Awesome find!
  15. Congrats!!!
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