Post your Nordie's Shoe Clearance Loot!

  1. Hi everyone! I just posted this on the "post your purchase" thread but am reposting as a new thread to see if anyone else also got deals like I did from Nordies. Their Salon Shoe clearance sale is TDF - everything is $199 and under!!! I had my SAs from Nordies South Coast and Nordies Fashion Valley send me everything in my size that was on sale. The ones below are the ones I decided to keep:

    Versace stilettos - on sale for $199 (original retail over $1000)


    Azzedine Alaia patent pumps - on sale for $199 (retail over $1200!)


    Azzedine Alaia satin and croc t-strap pumps - on sale for $199 (retail almost $1300)


    Miu Miu suede pumps with sfumato heel - on sale for $149


    Chloe platforms with leather straps - on sale $169


    Prada satin banana heel pumps - on sale $189


    Miu Miu patent ankle booties - on sale $169


    Manolo sequined pumps - on sale $189 (these are still full price at Nordies at $585!!)


    I'm so excited about my new purchases! Please post your steals and deals too! :smile:
  2. omg how did you score those sequined manolos so cheap? i love them!

    congrats they're all stunning!
  3. hlfinn - thank you! i was so surprised myself that they were marked down. i think nordies has the best shoe sales. :heart:
  4. Love everything esp. the Manolos!

    Great buy!
  5. Those white Alaias and the Manolos are TDF :drool: What great deals!

    My local Nordstrom stores aren't having any good shoe sales. It's the Half Yearly Sale for Men that's going on now. Who cares about men's clothing, I want shoes! :nuts:
  6. thanks ladies! :shame:

    cristina - the alaias are incredibly comfortable as well! :smile:
  7. I love the sequined pumps and the Miu Miu boots! Congrats on all your purchases! They are all beautiful.
  8. thanks priiin! i haven't yet ventured into CLs yet (i know, *gasp*) but maybe someday soon...:smile:
  9. wow, great buy! I love the manolos, I think i'm going to make a trip to nordies tomorrow.
  10. Omg, there's a shoe clearance? I've got to go to mine! Love the Manolos and the Miu Miu pumps!
  11. jjensen, sneezz - thanks! and yes, check your local nordies, although i was told not all of them have the fire sale going on. call beforehand and ask to be transferred to the salon shoes department - they'll tell you if they have anything in stock and on sale.

    good luck! :smile:
  12. If you ever need some help picking a first Louboutin, you should venture over to the CL sub-forum. There are so many experienced, nice ladies that will have great recommendations. :yes:
  13. Wow, great finds!

    I got brown/bronze sequined manolos from the South Coast Plaza Nordstroms too! The price was soooo great, wasn't it? :woohoo::smile: I got them on pre-sale, I had to use all my willpower not to go back there on Wednesday and grab some more..:sad:
  14. priiin - thanks! i just might take you up on that offer :smile:

    babypie - i had no idea it was pre-sale.. no wonder it is still full-price elsewhere! the rest of my purchases were end of season, i believe, but now i want to call and ask what else there is on pre-sale! anyway, can you post a pic of yours? i think the bronze should be beautiful...
  15. Well I went last Sunday and got them on pre-sale then for the sale that started this past Wednesday, so you got them at the sale price.

    I wont get mine til Tuesday, the SA sent them off to fix a small mark on the back of the heel, I barely noticed it but he insisted it be perfect. I'll post pics when I get them.

    Any modelling pics of yours? :smile: