** Post your NON-VALENTINO indulges here!! **

  1. I see few colors are still missing:roflmfao::roflmfao:.
  2. Wow! I LOOOOVE YOUR STAM COLLECTION! Every color is divine.
  3. LOL! Crazy, I know.
    I need to rotate using them. I tend to grab the same ones over and over.

    :noggin: Don't tell me that! I swear I get fixated on new colors when they come out.
    You are not helping! :roflmfao:

    Oh, thank you. That means a lot coming from you. :hugs:
  4. I did carry one today.

    I will show this pic and then quit invading your lovely forum with another designer's bags.

    And I will have you know my Valentinos have the uppermost shelf in the closet, red bags side by side, in all their glory. :salute:

    Anyway, here is today's outfit.

    And enough with the MJs.
    Thank you all for letting me share, though.

    This is all White House Black Market
  5. I was almost ready to ask you who makes this top. Love it!
    Interesting, grey is my favor color in bags. Visually, I always get attracted to very bright colors, but use most of the time grey color in a bag.
    I was just kidding about missing colors. You have every possible shade in rainbow!
  6. Awesome! What a gorgeous rainbow of Stams! Makes my day:smile:
  7. Beautiful outfit for a beautiful lady!
  8. Actually, I am missing a yellow and a white. I doubt I will ever get either one.
    I also get attracted to the bright ones and then never really use them. But they are so pretty!
  9. I went a little crazy with shoes last month: :graucho:

    Lanvin Bow Peep-toe Cone Heel Pumps in Charcoal Felt, Blue Patent and Black Velvet from Fall/Winter 2008:

    Alexandre Birman Victoria Pumps in Denim from Spring/Summer 2012:

    Alexandre Birman Naomi Pumps in Natural Pythom from Spring/Summer 2012:

    Sam Edelman Lorissa Peep-toe Pumps in Black Suede:

    Sam Edelman Niland Pumps in Cognac:
  10. Wow! Those Lanvins are works of art!
  11. Amazing haul! My favorites are the black suede Sam Edelman's I love the studs and jewels on the heels. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I love all your shoes!!! I have almost the same Alexandre Birman shoes. I posted a picture before. I keep telling you we should be related one day or at least leave not far away from each other, so I can always come over and look at your shes and bags.
    Now, look how bad I was last month. I also, got some goodies for my husband.
    Come and see...
    God knows why do I need another pair of boots in Miami, but I love them.
    image-3701693180.png image-3165411700.png image-2873000815.png image-2189508994.png
  13. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Wow! That is so cool your DH will wear croc/python shoes! My DH loves my python bags the best, but he refuses to wear anything except conservative clothing aka Daddy Warbucks. Ah well, more moola for me to spend.

    And I love those boots too! They will be fine in AC any old time;)
  15. Thanks, ladies! What comes to style my husband will wear anything I buy for him. He has no sense of style:smile: and you should see how he looked before he met me. It was a lot of work! I literally, have to tell him what to wear every time we go out together. Without me he can wear whatever he wants.
    I am addicted to leather jackets and boots, but living in Miami...... I am out of my mind. But, if we all would be normal TPF would not exsist.