** Post your NON-VALENTINO indulges here!! **

  1. We all love are V's but we are shoppers and lovers of many things so post your recent purchases of no Valentino items here - Bags, Shoes, Clothes... just about anything you have purchased an just love...:yahoo:
  2. I just got this adorable Marc Jacobs Cartoon Paisley Pina:


    Brand new, $250 on eBay. I love it!
  3. Here is are mine I have quite a few this month (actually this week)..

    Coach Oil Slick Sabrina and Inlaid Sabrina.. Both very rare and just stunning in person..




  4. There is more... DH went to an auction and found these lovely bags for a song.. they are so lovey and really great of an evening out..





  5. Here is the wallet that he got on this run... It is Snake Skin and the Gold inscription reads "Bond Street Original." .. really gorgeous and in amazing condition..

  6. Ashley this is just a lovely bag and the price... rocks
  7. I just bought a Red Zucca Fendi Mia:

  8. CA: You new evening bags are sooo chic! And the snakeskin wallet is just perfect. Snakeskin will be BIG for next fall.

    LL: What a steal! That MJ looks like so much fun!
  9. Thanks MGA and CA! Your stuff is gorgeous as well!
  10. What great non-Valentino purchases, Mga13, LabelLover81, and Coach Addict, congratulations!! I've been lusting over a pair of mono LV peep toe pumps but thus far, have been able to fend off the temptation :sweatdrop:
  12. I just paid for my LOUIS VUITTON "NICE" case!!!!!
    I got an amazing deal on eBay!!!! I am soooo excited!!!!
  13. Got two more DY pieces today! A bracelet and a necklace :biggrin:



  14. Love those cute little bags and I love your husband!! :lol: What a guy!!

    I like the vintage look to a few of those cute little bags!!

  15. LOVE red bags!!! I am not a fan of Fendi, but this I likey!! :biggrin:

    I remember this bag LL!!! So cute! And for $250?! New?! :nuts: What a steal!