Post your Non-RM Purchases Part 3!

  1. Thanks IIOS an Spartan! Its so nice and thick! Feels like noir leather!
  2. That jacket is the business ghall!
  3. Thanks MKNS and C4H :biggrin: I almost never paint my fingernails b/c it just chips off, but am often painting my toenails :biggrin:

    Love your purchases C4H, I totally need some EB in my life. Seriously!

    Also, your rocco is so cute pigalle. I love the look of this bag.

    ghall, LOVE your new jacket and Coach!! I almost bought that jacket myself a while back. congrats! :nuts:
  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!
  5. OMFG, I LOVE THIS, G! This is gorgeous!
  6. What a freakin' steal! I want/need one so bad! Congrats!
  7. Love this bag! The legacy stripe lining gets me every time! :love:
    Also, your new jacket is SWEET!

  8. thanks so much Knas, Jenny, TGP and MKNS! there's nothing like nice thick black leather!
  9. HOT! :nuts:
  10. You're making me miss my Diego!!! Rocco looks great on you!
  11. Did you get your Magnolia yet?!?! I am dying to see pics of this one! I also came across 2 Magnolias last week and got them both :nuts:. The cream from the SO, and an Oceano!


  12. ^Gorgeous Magnolias!! I have always adored the Cream!!

    Great jacket Ghall! Looks wonderful on you too, great find!
  13. :faint::faint::faint: !!!!!!!!! I LOVE both of those. Especially the oceano. Seriously, I may have a new RM-like addiction.

    Mine isn't here yet, but I think it's supposed to be delivered tomorrow! So, hopefully tomorrow night I can post pics!! :yahoo:
  14. ghall, that jacket is just TDF!!!! your mod shot convinced me to get!!! :biggrin:

    if anyone in the MD area wants it, they have it in brown, grey and black at the Nordstrom Rack in Rockville.
  15. ghall~ Wow! That jacket looks amazing on you... The leather looks so yummy.. I guess good things do come to those who wait.... Congrats!

    ardj~ Lucky!!!! Did you get the black, grey or brown?

    Denverite~ Congrats on your 2 new Magnolias! They are both very beautiful..The leather on the Oceano is hot, love the crinkled vintagey look... And that Cream color is breath taking... Great buys!!:tup: