Post your Non-RM Purchases Part 3!

  1. Me too!!! :biggrin:

    Yes, I had a Sang GCH Velo. I loved the style, but as much as I tried, I am just not a red bag person. It had the most gorgeous leather too! I just wish the strap was adjustable b/c it is pretty long. I'm 5'6" and it still hits me a bit lower than I'd like. I just can't for the life of me understand why so many designers don't make their straps would make their bags so much more versatile/desirable for more ppl!

    Thanks *E*! I know VR isn't all that loved by the masses, but the color with RGGH is beautiful and feminine IMO. :heart:
  2. Hi Ladies!

    Just wanted to share a bag I found in TJ Maxx. It is from Gabs (an Italian company, I guess). I don't really know much about this company but the bag was neat so I went ahead and bought it :smile:

    There are multiple ways to use it because of snaps that can change its shape...




    It has a long shoulder strap too!
    Thanks for letting me share!
  3. ^^that's really cool! I have never heard or seen this brand before, definitely interesting! I like the fun detailing too.
  4. I love bags like this - they appeal to my schizophrenic purse nature. I especially like the third satchel-y look. Never heard of this brand but may need to keep an eye out.
  5. Ohh VR RGGH looks gorgeous Scoobiesmomma!! Can't wait to see pics. Here are a few of my recent Bal purchases. I have 2 more things coming tomorrow. I have sold some lately so really I just look at it as trading, lol!

    Apologies for the phone pics - colors aren't great but you get the general idea.

    First is a mint condition 2007 Vert D' Eau Weekender. Still has all the gloss! Hard to tell the color in this pic but it's a gorgeous light green.

    Second is a 2011 RGGH Coquelicot Part Time in mint condition. I've owned several Bal red (Ruby, Sang) and sold them, but this red with the RGGH is amazing! Keeper for sure.

    Last, is a 08 GSH Bubblegum Part Time. I've always loved Bubblegum, and like that's it's a medium pink - not too dark or light.

    Thanks for letting me share!
    2012-07-11_17-37-12_811.jpg 2012-07-11_21-14-49_507.jpg 2012-07-11_17-36-46_547.jpg DSCN0773.JPG
  6. I love them all but my favorite is the coquelicot part time! What a beautiful and vibrant red! I have this in the Day bag in the regular hardware but the RGGH makes it look better for sure!
  7. Beautiful! Love that VD Weekender! Such a fun, perfect for Summer color! Coq with RGGH is a great combo too!

  8. gorgeous!
  9. I always love coquelicot! However I have seen some with alot of orange undertone especially the 2012 models. I eventually will want to get corq in a City or Maxi Tweedy style but I just need to find the true red coloured one. Yours looks great!! Would you say it is a true red IRL? :p
  10. It's a pretty true red, which I'm happy about. You wear red so well, so I think this color would look great on you!
  11. Neat! I'm probably dating myself by saying this, but it reminds me of a rubik's cube, one of the best toys ever from the eh hem 80s.

    Wow, you sure know how to pick em, fashion! They're all pristine and beautiful!
  12. Ladies I am joining the Chloe family!
    An oldie but a goody - my Chloe medium Paddington :smile:

    Love, love, love!


  13. Thanks Ladies! I always enjoying discovering new things from TJMaxx...or Marshalls...or Ross (it's so much fun!). I haven't seen this bag anywhere else and I am really loving it!
  14. What a haul, Fashion!! Gorgeous!! I love your WE- that glossy leather looks INSANE . . . also, I used to have a Coq RGGH Work and I'm kicking myself for selling it now, seeing your photo- it's SUCH a stunning combination! Huge congrats your way :ghi5:
  15. Welcome to Chloe-land!!! And, what a classic! Is that a dark brown? Chloe does the best browns. It's beautiful and looks super smooshy - enjoy her!!!