Post your Non-RM Purchases Part 3!

  1. HGG - I really like that necklace - verry pretty!
  2. HGG- That is a unique and lovely necklace!

    Here's my cheapie find from Overstock, these Bandolino Sandals that amounted to $22. shipped!
  3. I luv those sandals! I wonder if they still have any left in my size.....
    :graucho: to check....

    ....back from checking. Nope! Only one pair of 5.5 silver left~ no other colors available either! Too bad! These are so cute!!!!

  4. Jumpin' Jade, Blue Streak (which is more of a teal), Grape Going and HIDDEN TREASURE!

    TGP - this stuff is pretty cool. They only had one bottle, but I will check back again later & look for more...

  5. Already posted this in the BV subforum, but thought I would show my beautiful Billiard Cervo Hobo, which is basically a very soft sling-hobo (a deconstructed hobo), which arrived yesterday from Atlantic City.
    P1040083.jpg P1040084.jpg P1040085-1.jpg P1040086-1.jpg
  6. Congrats on your purchases! I have Jumpin' Jade and I really love it.

    I love the entire Insta-Dri line. The brush is a little funky, but it makes it really easy to apply and it dries SUPER FAST.

    Oh, and CONGRATS on finding Hidden Treasure :smile:
  7. Naz, this is super pretty!!!
  8. nazaluke, very pretty BV congrats!!

    Loving everyones nail polishes, I wish I had time to polish my nails....

  9. I own two of those colors and several more. Love that line of polish!
  10. My new addiction...Pandora jewelry. My first bracelet and charms...
  11. i looooooove pandora bracelets! addiction indeed =)
  12. I have to admit, I'm intrigued by Hidden Treasure after all the discussion here and so far have looked at five or so different places around here for it and not found any yet! :pout: I'll keep looking.....
  13. me too it has been years since i last worn any nail colors and do anything special to it :shame: i think i need to find time for a mani/pedi!

    nazaluke wow the bv color is so unique :drool: congrats!
  14. I love that line. That & OPI for Sephora are my favorites!
  15. I got this new Lucky Brand watch in my favorite color.