Post your Non-LP purchases here

  1. What a beautiful shade of brown cat, and the leather looks sooooo chewy!!! :love:

  2. cathead- wow wow wow!! I love those bags!!
  3. cathead, I love your AW purchases! I was kicking myself for missing out on ALL of those great AW deals. Congrats on both of them. And also, I'm not a fan of the Donna either. ;)
  4. I wanna get a look at this Donna now, lol

  5. cathead, you are in AW paradise! Just beautiful! I'm off to check out that Donna...
  6. During the 40% off sale at Endless, I purchased a RM Swoon in black w/silver hw. I liked it so much that I immediately started using it. This is rare for me...I normally "think on it" for awhile before making the commitment. lol
  7. Now any bag that makes you want to wear it right away is a definite KEEPER... beautiful, smooshy bag!!

    Congrats on yet another great, great bag!
  8. Me too. So I know a bag is a hit when I rip the tags off right away, woohoo!

  9. Picked up the RM Zip Mac in Walnut during her after Christmas sale today -


  10. ^^^ beautiful bag!! :tup:
  11. LindaP - I love that zip MAC! I am soooo tempted by the Olive and Rich Brown but have to keep reminding myself that I would get very little use out of it...I carry too much stuff.

  12. I hear ya Cat! I'm trying to go smaller, when I got my burgundy zip mac it was so nice to have a bag on my shoulder that felt so light weight.

  13. Beautiful RM bags LindaP and Cathead87!
  14. I picked up a burgundy Mini Beloved from a lovely TPFr, can't wait to receive it!

    Also, I've got this on order from Nordstroms, they price matched the AA flash sale, Botkier Venice Hobo in pearly gray -


  15. ^^^ so excited for you, Linda! This bag is beautiful, but you have the peace of mind that you can return it since it's from Nordies instead of final sale at AA. Yay!!