** Post your non-Hermes indulgences here !! **

  1. Thanks 😊

  2. Thanks 😉
  3. stunning indeed :woot:
  4. One of my winter indulgences that has kept me company through many of our midwest blizzards this year...
    my mink jumbo :heart:
    <untitled> 19 (1).jpg
  5. Stunning!
  6. Love this photo! So beautiful!
  7. How lovely! I wouldn't be able to take my hands off this beauty!!! :smile:
  8. I didn't know until just a couple of weeks ago either, Jadeite...and now look at my little collection! :smile:
  9. I love the ombre wallet!!
  10. That ombré clutch is lovely!
  11. Thank you, Jadeite! :smile:
  12. thanks xiangxiang0731, she is spoilt with tooo much attention when we are out, LOL :biggrin:

    PrincessCypress she's irresistible to be honest :p. I was a little unsure when I first bought her because it was just so pricey, but its one of my favorite winter bags now, especially with the one we are having ;)
  13. Someone just asked me to post these
    Here you go

  14. yum double YUM TT - these are toooo perfect - congrats! :heart: