** Post your NON-Hermes indulgences here!! **

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  1. wow!!!
  3. This is SO beautiful (though not as beautiful as you are!). Happy Anniversary and may you wear that gorgeous ring for a thousand years!
  4. thud.......amazing. is it a tanzanite or sapphire? amazing!
  5. Stunningly ethereal! :heart:
  6. Thank you so much, Deborah!

    Thank you, MYH! I can't believe it took us so long to have it set either, but it was definitely worth the wait.

    Thank you, TankerToad! You're so right, he's a keeper!
  7. Thank you, lovely Arabesques! :blush: By the way, I finally wore my RT Evelyne... I tagged you in the post on IG. :hugs:

    Thank you, Hermesaholic! It's a tanzanite. :love:
  8. Your ring and your hand are both beautiful !! It is like a print ad for the Rose T. Evelyne.
    Your DH is a keeper. Do you mind sharing if your gem is close to 8 carats ? I've been wanting something in the sapphire family but I think this gem color is amazing.
  9. Lulilu - that's a lovely add to your wardrobe.
  10. Oh how breathtakingly beautiful this is. Congrats on your anniversary.
  11. Thanks a lot, Lulilu, Nguyenp...summer almost ends here, but still, I cannot resist getting this one..:p
  12. Aficionada, yes, I would love to know how many carats, too. It looks like the perfect size. Congrats, again.
  13. Besides the jewelry collection that I have to share more of later, my other indulgence are shoes. These were by far not expensive but are too cute (and dangerous not to share).
  14. Gosh. That took my breath away. It is beautiful. That was certainly worth the wait.
  15. Stunning ring. :loveeyes: I am partial to Sapphires since it's my birthstone. And I recognize that bag!!!

    Wear them both in the best of health!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.