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  1. love that marant tunic dress! it's the kind of top i'd buy too. :tup:
  2. That is so beautiful please post a mod pic when you wear it:smile:
  3. Thank you kind ladies. I wore the Marant today and actually lasted all day in them. *gasp* :biggrin::biggrin:

    Beautiful clutch and that brooch, just stunning!

    Congratulations on your gorgeous new ring chincac. It looks perfect on you!
  4. Oh this is a very fun loot! I am loving the tees!

    Perfect for a night out. Congratulations on your pretty Choos :smile:

    I'm normally not big on pink but that python is amazing. Wow.

    Awesome goodies :p How does the IM fit if I may ask? TIA :smile:
  5. Thanks ladies!

    poptarts, I just tried it on and I feel it may run a bit small. I bought a French 40 because I want it wide but it´s tighter than I imagined it to be, especially across the bust. It is no biggie since it´s a V-neck kind of design and I will keep it:p
  6. Julide, I just tried it on and it looks lovely. I do think you need a slip or long tee under and if I wear it with glack leggings (or red) I would also wear a tanktop. I also felt it runs a bit small (or my bust is too big:biggrin:).
  7. Shes a stunner!
  8. Thank you for the update!!:flowers:I think I may have to purchase it too!!:pThank you for the information, will see if I have a suitable slip first!:biggrin:
  9. Use the opportunity to show some cleavage. :biggrin:
  10. :roflmfao::lolots::roflmfao::lolots:

    I like how your mind thinks:graucho:Jadeite!!!
  11. I wore it out yesterday and it is very light and comfortable. You need it:p

    Yesterday I got a few new H items but also some Alaia shoes and pruducts from Amazing Space (a Danish brand). I find that Alaia runs large so I am a 37,5 in most of his shoes. Since they didn´t have my size I opted for a 37 in the Leopard ballerinas. I wore them the whole day while shopping. Now my feet hurt! I should have gone with the 38 and put a sole in them. A very expencive mistake since they were not on sale either. Maybe a cobbler can stretch them a bit?
    P1060126 (480x640).jpg
  12. My god, these are amazing! :biggrin:
  13. I like the way my mind thinks too. Plus a 'tight' top makes 'em look more perky. :lol:

    Less fabric = environmentally friendly
  14. Wow, the shoes, the bags, the beautiful clothes, the stunning jewelry - you are all my heroes, dear ladies and gentlemen(who are in the minority here...alas!) :urock: I love this party that never ends!!!:party::drinkup::partyhat::party:
    A little pearly contribution of my interest at the moment...these moments do pass, don't they? LOL
    Paul Morelli in platinum, Cathy Carmendy in 20K and Mikimoto kind of etoile with rubies in 18K
  15. Your VCA ring is TDF! You have a great sense of style chincac for both H and non-H items :biggrin:
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