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  1. Thank you!! :biggrin:
    I do have the problem with the weight when I first holding it, but actually after wearing it on the shoulder strap, it's actually NOT BAD at all. the Diorissimo is very comfortable indeed, I feel it's just like wearing my 28 Kelly but more comfortable, sure if I put my laptop it'll be definitely more heavy and this is why I HAVE to find a functional bag with a shoulder strap, otherwise I would consider Garden Party. And I truly believe the Diorissimo is designed to wear with the strap, the weight of the bag with the hardware and handle actually makes it appear to be "slouched" therefore showing the interior lining and the contrast...

    and one more thing is that sometimes I do dislike how I hold my Kelly when sitting down, it feels weird put it on my lap because I can't really "hold on" to it, and if I have to sleep during flights and long drive, I tend to like holding a bag on my lap and cover up my tummy as a blanket LOL, so this bag is perfect for me..... :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  2. My 1st watch purchase from Dior ..
  3. hermesdaisuki - we are twins on the blahnik driving mods - here's an awful shot of mine
  4. Love yours too! :smile: great color combo!
  5. Congrats my dear. Action shots pls!:smile:
  6. Mcqueen or Charlotte?
    Was deciding..

    Chose Colympia made my legs look longer :smile:

    Oh and not to forget kelly cut black box GHW
    PhotoEditor1343227226638.jpg PhotoEditor1343227295378.jpg PhotoEditor1343228618359.jpg
  7. ^^^^I am finding myself loving Charlotte more and more. I was in NM the other day and another shopper was looking for wedding shoes. She tried on leopard Charlottes with a pale blue front sole. Gorgeous -- something new and something blue. She looked so fabulous and said the shoes made her want to cry. I hope she bought them because they were amazing on her.

  8. Have loved Charlotte since day one. Great choice, ilovecocohanel. You look amazing.
  9. Looking fab hon!

  10. i own a salsa, its very light and stylish
  11. Another shoe spree!!! At JimmyChoo :smile:
    Comfiest heels I've come across!
    Leopard prints:smile:
    image-2756960346.jpg image-1487797026.jpg image-103398470.jpg image-4129197667.jpg image-2902442726.jpg image-1839897850.jpg image-879462989.jpg
  12. Purple glitter Vamp heels
    Pink suede mesh kafira from A/W 12
    image-3831238503.jpg image-3782545111.jpg image-2115051477.jpg image-3890423321.jpg image-4013595627.jpg image-3575657469.jpg image-509387614.jpg
  13. champers, thanks for contributing to the local economy. And yes, show us more shoes!
  14. More shoes! Lovely!
  15. 
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