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  1. I just recently found a Beautiful, Balenciaga PT in Mogano with GSH. The leather is sooooooo smooshy, and the color is TDF! That's my most recent non Hermes Item!
  2. [​IMG]

    2007 Balenciaga PT, in Mogano with GSH!!!!!!!!:heart:
  3. tillie, I saw your bbag and it is TDF, I got the 2010 first in Outremer recently:ghi5:

  4. Tillie--That is a gorgeous bag! Wowza!!!
  5. Fashionista...... Thanks, I love the bag! :heart: But don't tell my Hermes friends! I would love to see pictures of your Outremer :yahoo:
  6. rileygirl......... Thanks, I just "sort of" stumbled upon it. I didn't even know what color was called, or what year it was, until I got it home, and the BBag girls identified it for me! :nuts:
  7. WOW -- what an amazing bag! Congrats!
  8. Ok .. :lol: .. when I gt back, hun^:smooch:

  9. Thanks HermesNewbie......... I think it's pretty amazing myself! :yahoo: I can't believe how I lucked out!!!
  10. Tillie--When it comes down to my true style and how I see myself Balenciaga is prob a better match than H....that being said I refuse to even get started on B Bags because there's even more to collect than H!!!!

    You lucked out, really!!
  11. Tillie, your bag is gorgeous! I don't have any Balenciaga but I would like to purchase a first or a city bag soon.
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    rileygirl........... Once people get their first Bbag, it really takes on a life of it's own, because they are so much less expensive than Hermes, and the colors are gorgeous; but, I have to confess, that I also love and buy Chanel! If you can resist the urge to spend.......I give you credit! I wish I was that strong..........but, I can't be trusted!!!! :lolots:
  13. am i allowed to say my new fixation is tom ford's perfume collection???
    bought a few of the grouping, so sexy!
  14. dogbiskit........ Thanks for the nice comment on my new Balenciaga! Good luck in getting a First or City..........the colors are so gorgeous! :nuts:
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