Post your non Celine Purchases here.....Share with us we won't tell

  1. OMG Dear you have been a busy girl & that Givenchy is TDF....the colour is so
    gorgeous & I'm very jealous of all your purchases ;)
  2. Thanks peironglow! (:

    I love it too! Thanks so much m'dear.

    Teehee. Glad you approve. :graucho:
  3. Guilty as chargeddddd. Think I'm gonna have to go on a bag ban for the rest of the year. ): Thankew! I'm currently lugging my Givenchy everywhere now, it's so versatile and easy to run around with.
  4. I have always been a die hard fan of chanel ... especially a soft spot for CJs ... my latest acquisition ... 'my twinkle twinkle little stars' ...

    Two colors available which i cant make up my mind ...


    I finally heed my lovely sa's advice and opt for the gold one ...

    a shot under day time


  5. I adore CC jewellery & especially there brooch's, I vote for the more gold colour one its adorable :cool:
  6. Thank you so much LittleMissMafia :smile:!
  7. Thanks, designerdiva40 ... :smile: can see that you are a great fan of CC as well! :graucho: This comes in a brooch and ring ... i took the ring as i adore rings ... thanks for your advice ... :smile: i decide to skip the silver ...

  8. So I know I posted about my first prada bag here, which is a cameo saffiano lux tote with the strap, but I decided to exchange it for the bigger size with zippers on the side, I love it even more! Got a matching wallet for it too ^^ here are the pics!
    image-561956947.jpg image-3694821624.jpg
  9. Here is yet another little gift to myself: Hermès Mini Etrivière 4 Tours in Fauve Barenia!
  10. Congrats I have the same bag but in a different colour & I have the same JC ballerina charm, I too hang a couple of charms from the key ring.

    Great choice you made in exchanging the smaller one.
  11. Yeaaa I got the idea from your picture! I have so much JC charms but I never wear the bracelet anymore, plus it adds a nice touch to the bag :smile: I'm glad I did too, I didn't like how the magnetic clasp made the structure of the bag wavy, this one looks so much better, more structured. And I got the small one because of the strap but it was uncomfortable so I ended up using the handle all the time instead.
  12. Oh yea, I forgot about this little beauty that was just delivered yesterday... I'm seriously cheating on Celine... ><
  13. love all these purchases.
  14. Ooooooh gorgy leather bracelet you have there, cotonblanc! Barenia at that!!! I love Hermes leather accessories! Congrats!! Fingers crossed that I managed to find one too!
  15. Ooooh this is beautiful, not seen this colour before, very nice..... Congrats