Post your non Celine Purchases here.....Share with us we won't tell

  1. I have the black lambskin and I don't baby my wallets, to my surprised it held up pretty well...don't forget to post it here if you end up getting the wallet :smile:
  2. So many beautiful purchases - you ladies all have me drooling!!!!

    I had promised myself no more bags for at least a year now, but the month wasn't even over, and I was traveling overseas for work when I came over this beauty and had to take it back with me :p

    My first clutch!!!!!

  3. Beautiful Balenciaga!! Love it!
  4. Thank you Shopshopoholic :smile:! It's also my first Balenciaga - and probably not my last ;)!

    And I said that about my first Celine, and my first Chloe only a couple of weeks ago, LOL!!! I need another job, and I need to stop exploring this forum :lol:
  5. Chloe gaza ballet flats on sale - 80% off! :smile:
  6. image-2274073604.png

    Finally joining the club, my navy mini.
  7. This is lovely....congrats
  8. OMG I'm so jealous what a bargain, please share where did you find them, I love Chloe shoes & these are very pretty.
  9. Some fab purchases recently, so jealous :smile:
  10. Welcome to the Celine club but sweetie this is for non Celine purchases but we still love to see pictures of these beautiful bags & can't get enough so maybe you should post in the Celine bag thread too ;)
  11. Some recent purchases... :cloud9:


    Citron Python PS11 mini & matching wallet.


    Alexander Wang x Linda Farrow sunglasses.


    Givenchy Antigona & Alexander McQueen skull print scarf. (Trying to ignore the So Black Kelly tempting me behind, but it's on my wishlist.)


    Charlotte Olympia heels.

    I also have 2 new babies from Celine as well, and will be updating my family thread. But that will have to wait till I'm a little less busy. :jrs:
  12. gorgeous purchases especially your citron python.. is so pretty!! Congrats!
  13. Love the Citron Python PS11 :love:
  14. Citron python ...... Fabulous!!
  15. Gasp Neo007, this is so beautiful and understated. Congrats and use her in the best of health!