Post your non-Balenciaga purchases......Come on......we wont tell ;) (Part 2)

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  1. I feel a little bit guilty for getting this, but i *have* wanted it for a long time (over a year) [​IMG]
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  2. wise decision dear!! i love mine to pieces , it is so pillowy and spongy , congrats!!:yahoo:
  3. ww *B*, glad you decided to keep the Rocco!! I'm sure you'll love it! And it's true what ehemelay says, it is a very durable bag! Even though I have the Rocco in dove grey I can use it in the rain and no stains what so ever:smile:
  4. Thanks chloe!

    I'm glad too dear *A*! It smells heavenly......I love it! And will pray for a silver or brass stud one to come out sooner or later!
  5. Congrats Wonder!!! "pillowy and spongy" are the perfect description!! I love my AW Coco (I have it in the brass) it is so chic and edgy to carry around ;)
  6. WISE decision WW! Love the look of that bag you got!!! HOT hot!!

    Fabulous CHEAT!!!
  7. Thanks ghost! Not seen you around much, where youbeen?
  8. wonderwoman love your black/black... Here is mine I got her about a week ago and I LOVE her I haven't changed bags since I have received her.




    Sorry about the blurry mod shot I always have so much trouble getting clear pictures in the mirror.
  9. Ohhh bellabags love yours! I wish the baby came with brass or silver! Looks awesome on you!
  10. Thanks so much Wonderwoman, its funny I don't know why but I prefer to wear her over my shoulder.
  11. Prob way more comfy! Mine isnt that comfy on the lower arm!
  12. oh my bellabags23 and wonderwoman9...your rocco duffels are making me drool and seriously making me want one.
  13. Thanks! I've been wearing it since I got it and I have to say, I really love it. I don't feel guilty anymore, lol. It sits on my shoulder perfectly!
  14. My May purchases:

    Alexander Wang Baby Rocco

    Chanel Halfmoon WOC

    LV Scarf